Sunday, February 22, 2015

Joyous inner revolution

1969 Parfum de Revolte by Histoires de Parfums

That was probably not easy to achieve like many other revolutions! 1969 which is dedicated to 60's sexual revolutions and those brilliant years, in fact brings the idea to mind. I was in Harvey Nichols to test one or two perfumes that I noticed they hit Histoires de Parfums newly. I was excited as hell since I have been a real fan of 1740 Marquis de Saad and Petroleum. So I forgot for whom I was there, I get in the line thoroughly. Since I new 12 scents only some were new to me. After several testings and three hours of chatting with my friends in the market I finally picked 60ml of 1969 Parfum de Revolte and another one from another house.

Anti-bra protest, California, 1969

Until the moment I come back and check some reviews about it I knew nothing at all about it. It was the first time I pick one perfume upon first test and I was so excited. I usually happen to try a perfume several times before I purchase, even about cheap designers.
The notes listed by the site are: peach, chocolate, rose, patchouli, white flowers, cardamom, coffee, cloves, white musk [and probably vanilla].
Sometimes it happens that you fall in love in a perfume and it runs into all your egos. For me 1969 Parfum de Revolte is such perfume. It's sexy and erotic by all mean, sensual and nudist, elegant and evocative, however, it marked for women yet I can't neglect what I love deeply!

It was a long time I was looking for a unisex in gourmand trend that you know, it's either very hard to find or very pricey. But this one gave me a chance. 1969 Parfum de Revolte is a carnal floral chocolate spicy perfume with very pronounce erotic delicious nuances.
It opens with tons of chocolate and peach highly influenced by cardamom and patchouli, also slight amount of cloves. It is the first level that for its rose the perfume looks like a bit punchy floral and feminine but it gradually settles in more and more unisex balance when its cloves and patchouli get bolder beside strangely delicious peach and intense coffee/chocolate.
Well, normally we wear scent to match with our costumes or style. This happens a bit intense in 1969 since it's a personality on you, running all your egos out. For me it's like revealing all my hidden and forgotten senses and emotions to be freely myself, not ashamed of anything seems no one is around to judge me. It's boldly me on me, and egoist perfume that exposures me out.
1969 Parfums de Revolts is exactly the perfume of 60's and 70's "sexy years" and it is olfactory equivalence of Keith Haring's painting world and some other Pop-Art artists of those years and erotic culture run into visual arts especially comic strips.

Up: a Keith Haring painting, down: Brooks Shields by Keith Haring

1969 is naughty, delicious and happy, smells sweet intense chocolate and peachy fruity floral with soft spicy bed. I love the sweetness when it is unrealistic and abstract exactly the way 1969 presents; merged and mixed in a way that none of the notes is clearly visible. And what I love about this is its blatantly sexual appealing and erotic manner. It was long time I was looking for a perfume like this and the other only alternative for such sexy gourmand for me is Womanity by Thierry Mugler.

Carpe Odor!

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