Wednesday, February 4, 2015

That mysterious emerald of the east

Arabian Nights by Jesus del Pozo

I'm not sure where it started; the new wave of oriental perfumes with oud focal point. However at the beginning and still now it is so pleasant and charming. For me, as far as I remember, it began to expose with Yves Saint Laurent's masterpiece M7 which is the first oud perfume in my life and my portal to perfume world as well.
I remember that few weeks after Jesus del Pozo Arabian Night had launched I found it in a high-end market and immediately gave it a go on my skin as the bottle carved attention from a distance. My first impression was Umph! Fascinating! I was haunted by the fragrance and totally occupied. I was entirely new to oud and I was so weak in front of its amber colored gravity. There was something that I know and I love, but I couldn't draw it out... Saffron, it was saffron which I'm highly get used to both in smell and taste. The crimson gold of gastronomy world.

Saffron flower crop, the red stigmas are what is called saffron as spice

Arabian Nights is imitation of the orient, illustration of Middle Eastern literal culture; 1001 Nights stories, the sumptuous palace lives, enchanting gardens. It is opulent complicated, loyal to reality of oud, high quality and extravagant and extrovert.

The dome of Sheikh Lutfollah Mosque, Isfahan

The combination offers slightly boozy confusing aroma at the beginning and then it settles in highly smoky saffron/sandal infused agarwood accord very close to that used in Scent on Canvas Noir de Mars and Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud Velvet Mood. To be honest, most of the notes listed for the perfume are not clearly detectable yet you clearly see they influence the overall performance. Seemingly the extraordinary oud level shows all the notes are mingled to form an unity with oud prominence.
I don't now how to call it; a niche one, luxury release of a mediocre fashion brand, exclusive release or what. No matter whatever it is called it is superb in quality and oud accord. Very sexy and very flattering.

Carpe Odor!

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