Friday, February 20, 2015

A cute dark discovery

Arsenic by Tokyo Milk

That is not the original head on the bottle, I made it out of mahogany wood

It was a blind but plus Dead Sexy from the house, you don't believe, it was for my grooming set I chose! They came to me after a couple of weeks and they were both great inexpensive scents but worth every penny and worth the blind buy!
Tokyo Milk Parfumarie Curiosite, a house of indie-niche perfumes with vast range of experimental monotonic releases created by the same character responsible for Lollia and Love&Toast: Margot Elena.

To be honest, not all Tokyo Milk creations are fancy, although, I can't say the say the same about cute bottles! They're all beautiful. I just picked all by chance and taking a look at the notes and reviews in Fragrantica and seemingly, I was pretty lucky.
Usually the titles in Tokyo Milk are cutely uplifted to encourage curiosity, and they do but Arsenic is not a perfume with toxic side or evoking evil dark feels as it's described by the house, nonetheless, it's an agile and successful fragrance with shallow and plain monotonic smell. Arsenic is weird sweet and green gourmand marine. Green like all Elena's creations with bitter and acrid taste and minimal synthetic side. Margot Elena's world is simple, full of sensual romantic feels mixed with weird mystical drama, whether, it's Ex Libris with its aquatic floral soft vibe or it's Bulletproof with its intense ebony vibe.

Arsenic opens with disparate happy marine green bitter stream (probably Calone or a variation of such oceanic-illustrating aromatic components) that smells slightly like freezing vapor of fridge with mentholated salty notes plus fennel and maybe some herbaceous notes like eucalyptus leaves in very slight amount and subsequently uprising absinthe leaf. From the very first step icecreamy smell of vanilla appears and it reminds me Thierry Mugler B*Men in some aspects that make the two main themes slightly similar.

Arsenic unlike its name is joyful and deliciously dark with no offensive heavy notes that happens in amber or leather fragrances which are mainly charged by myrrh of labdanum. This is a curious pinnacle of dark and watery moods that come together in a point once a million year.

Carpe Odor!

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