Sunday, February 8, 2015

An unfit olfactory/auditory experience of a perfume

Bois de Copaïba by Parfumerie Générale

The band was probably the worst ever, disturbed vocals and brain-torturing ultra-noises, men toilet smells like old class low level badly composed musky perfume sprayed on a smelly surface, and everywhere the smell of vodka, beer and popcorn. Among these densely canned people in few square metered performance hall I was there with scent wrist armed with Bois de Copaiba Parfumerie Générale; unfit and uncategorized smell/sound relationship, incomparable attributes and highly irrelevant ambiances.

The band on stage in IF performance hall, Saturday night

The hall is densely populated, all drunk, the amplifiers is on high and waves of sound penetrate like there’s no skull over open brains, and echoes and repeats of all those noises in form of weird severe tinnitus until you sleep. All these happenings are co-operated with rather stranger smell of Bois de Copaïba.
Personally I have no idea why I sprayed it before we go to the hall cause I picked randomly.
Here we are before we leave home I have time to go through is and analyze: Bois de Copaïba, initially, smells exactly like bulky andesite blocks cutting by huge water saws in a stone factory.

Doesn't sound?! Right, many people may not have visited stone factory. How about Turkish bath? Bois de Copaïba smells exactly like Turkish bath and classic handmade soaps, marble floor and walls.

A Turkish bath is the very parallel smell to Bois de Copaïba which came to my mind

The beginning is kindly fresh and powdery with slightly transparent intriguing earthy vibe. It is promising and reminiscent of a bunch of classic rare masterpieces based on musk and white musk but apparently Bois de Copaïba is modern with classic attitude. For the rest of play, although the performance is quite linear, it suggests a compelling and captivating soapy intriguingly bizarre gourmand smell that doesn't suck at all; a type of intense powdery stony freshness plus semi-floral spicy sweetness. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks there must be some iris or iris root among the notes. The very powdery accord is so dramatic and interesting. It brings Marquis de la Taillade-Espinasse of Das Parfum novel and his iris root perfume to my mind!
Bois de Copaïba is not a sexy perfume at all. Its stony and firm personality is way far from any possible romance, however, it is not out of emotions. The resinous play of copahu balm and myrrh underneath amaretto infused woody notes is breath-takingly charming.

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