Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Of wolves and pines

Chasing Autumn by Neil Morris

The first time I learned about Neil Morris' perfume it was months ago when I first my olfactory friend, Berkan, in the university. He has always wonderful things to show and to talk. So he had some samples for our first meet two of which were Neil's. I splashed on each wrist. Exceedingly, Chasing Autumn grows on my right hand like no perfume had done before. I was insanely in love with it. I called Berkan that evening and explained how I'm amazed by the scent. Chasing Autumn is of those fragrances that leave you speechless. Even it's pretty hard to write down a decent review!

Here I am with my 30ml EDP with hand, applied on a ribbon, a blotter and wrist testing a linear monotonic complex integrity poignant solitary smell. Chasing Autumn is pungent smoky opener with lots of conifer nuances and coffee installed on birch accord, very heavy-duty opening yet very elaborate. It's dark, darkest thing I've ever smelt with very very realistic touch of autumn out of any sweetness charged with leather which has pounding heartbeat.

I've got several interesting feedback over this perfumes all uncertain to indicate if it's beautiful of repulsive and this make me even more loved in. One said, eucalyptus incense, another though somewhere paper is burning, one said fireplace and leather boots and coffee mug while outside snow flakes are enveloping everywhere. A friend said blacksmith coal smoke. Yes all are almost right since all has one attribute in common: dense smoke aura.
The fragrance smells austere like pine wood timber smoldering and extinguished in water half way burnt so the very sad grey smelly smoke that resemble tons of old reserved papers is the very smoky theme appeared in Chasing Autumn.
In general I can say it initiates with considerably thick vibe of woodsy dark notes empowered by birch tar and Siberian fir needles and it emerges out coffee and awesome creamy vetiver up subsequently.

Right it smells like coal smoke of forge

Now, better to make a scenario to clarify how gigantic Chasing Autumn is. This actually is not like any other perfume but some of Neil's, for that his creations look so quaint and artistic with a bold signature below: tranquility.
It's me in my mountain resort small villa where I dwell when I need some solitary to think about a new wooden sculpture and where I can easily make my sculpture without no interruption nor worry about noises I produce. It's autumn, leaves of hollies and elms are fallen yellow and purple, and instead of some pine there's no cover for animals lingering on rocks. It's evening, better to cut some wood and prepare a fire in fireplace before it gets dark. Wolves lurk around sometimes so better to do it quicker. Teapot is on fire boiling. Smoke tobacco pipe and, feet long toward the fire, fire's dance on the timber ceiling, my eyes are heavy now, my arms tired of too much work with chisel and hammer on the sculpture loosely hold the book. I fall asleep like there's no pain in the world while outside under those giant old oaks the night life of an old owl begins, wolves hold noses to winds.

Fog enveloping the valley, view from my villa, autumn 2003

Tomorrow morning with the first gold dusts the old sun spread over the valley it looks like there was no wilderness last night. Charred trunk of holly with too much ashes of those smaller which could not survive, in the fireplace, is a good opportunity to make a breakfast!

Carpe Odor!


Berkan Başoğlu said...

Great description for a great fragrance Keiwan. I'm glad that you like Neil's take on burning nature :)

Keiwan Mashhadi said...

Thanks Berkan :)