Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Brutal delicacy

Cuir by Mona di Orio

My first impression on this bizarre dark animalic artwork is "what sort of outfit, what sort of fashion may fit this scent, what sort of skin, personality, what sort of street one can walk in while wearing Cuir?" This fragrance is way heavier than any expectation, even the idea that this level of melancholy is delivered by a woman is prettily unbelievable.

Immediately imaginations began and started to make scenarios and fabricate some visual imitations to understand Cuir's abstract personality better; unless; it would remain like a remote uncommon unidentified object lingering somewhere in the space in an allegedly immeasurable distance.
Cuir is notorious for its shocking and groundbraking initiation. It is not a random leather case of study to be compared with a dozen of those cult perfumes running high-end markets, however, unjustifiably, it finally is placed next to others and sold with less or more the same price of so-called niches in the shelves that equalize all to same level identified by money. But this art is much beyond what one pays for.
For me, the level of artistic melancholy in Cuir is olfactory equivalence of Francis Bacon's paintings and Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis. It awakens the same sense of artistic solitary that runs Kafka's works. It's over artistic if we consider some other creations "artistic".

Francis BaconThree Studies for a Self-Portrait, 1974

No matter how many leather or beaver animalic fragrances you own, Les Nombres d'Or - Cuir is not even a replacement for any of them, it's literally unique and incomparable. I can't tell what sort of emotion it exactly evokes but I feel some mysterious haunted dramatic black artistic feelings that directly leads me to The Metamorphosis.

A book cover of Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis

Dark, burnt, unsmoky, brutal and mindblowingly shocking it opens with hundreds of shades of animalic nuances; buttery and skank (which I'm crazy for); with classic-attributed modern behavior by which first to be reminded is Yatagan by Caron, the elder yet softer presenter of castoreum; the darkest note of animalic realm. Very rough and very masculine in this level. Not for its coarse leather but for that dirty animalic accord I see some brotherhood with Serge Lutens' Muscs Koublaï Khän.

Gradually and progressively it develops into less dirty creamy more straight powdery dark eccentric grey leather layout. The fact is that Cuir smells incredibly good in this step. Through the middle phase when the castoreum calms, the deep-spiced leather accord exposed better. It is the vibe which mainly called roasted meat smell and somehow, yes, it smells like overly-roasted cured meat with lots of spices. But I suggest a better realistic alternative which might not be experience in all cultures: aubergine! Cuir in its opening-to-middle steps smells like aubergine on bbq! you can even try it on oven, gas or electric, doesn't matter, the aubergine smells the same with the leather accord in Cuir.

For the dry down it offers even more elaborate vibes with spicy fresh foundation. Juniper berries appear a bit late when the leather-beaver wilderness cools down.
Cuir, with all regards to it and its creator, is sort of fragrance which may not be so wearable, at least in urban life. Type of fragrance with immense titanic attributes, demonic darkness, carnal animalic mood, and masterly crafted dry down spices. I'm not a fan of that much violence in animalic vibes although I'm a big fan of animalic fragrances, nevertheless, my respect to this olfactive art is endless. It is the summit of leather sorcery.

Carpe Odor!