Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Nonreligiously sacred smokes

Incense by Norma Kamali

It’s been a long time I was highly involved to find a real beverage smell which I love and it was seriously hard to catch such thing since booze accords are ephemeral as in reality in spirits. I don’t say what happens in Norma Kamali Incense is miraculously different or long lasting, but the very opening is driving me insane by all means. So to say, Incense is the title which I’m afraid to call before some disambiguation is solved: a complex robust spice-infused vulgar masterpiece which minimally named Incense while there are obviously some other elements too.
The beginning of Incense is straight and punchy with bold hint of sparkling gassy bourbon whiskey and some strange tropical-shaped fruity vibes which reminds me loquat (a fruit that regionally is so rare). The overall duet is like someone singing drunk by whole bottle of bourbon.

The smell of loquats is fruity and juicy tropical but during spoiling they produce strange natural whiskey-like aroma which is somewhat irritating.

This ephemeral yet impressive initiation is the key that step inside into the next phase which is completely different. After a while too much spicy woody nuances explode out with bold incense (very peculiar desiccated incense) on top with clear resemblance to natural perfumes of the same sort and similar to another creation named 03.Apr.1968 by Rundholz; but just in some main themes. A little bit after when the scent is settles towards the core it presents warm and mellow swampy green floral hidden base with balsamic and quaint smoldering gourmand as a faint foundation and believe me the structure is that masterly composed that none of the notes, even in slightest amount, sucks.

The swampy accord I feel in Incense has too many common features with some scents from my childhood in grandpa's warehouse in attic floor where items from opposite season were stored, thick heavy winter carpets, heavy warm blankets and so on, so the smell of item mixed with some medicines that prevent insects and rats to attack marked in my brain as a key and motivation for many of my olfactory journeys in skank swampy/spicy accords.

Incense, unlike many of name-mates, is deep and not shallow as mainly, and in some examples merely, incense notes provide foggy and vague ambiance that shallows and blocks the view. Incense is deep yet not transparent like a vast forest of fog over woods and mountains, like when you don’t see anywhere for the mist but you surely know there’s too much to go ahead.

Incense is bold, thick, damp, unusual, old-reserved, mushroom-grown and hardcore smoky with slight frankincense, myrrh, tobacco, cumin (most probably beside labdanum and leather), and maybe some narcotic florals like rose or hyacinth. All I amazed for is how they create the quaint skank theme without any possible animalic accord? And I love this repulsive skank accord in the heart of the perfume. Incense might be firmly linear, integrated and uniform but it apparently is not a minimal scent.
To imitate the beginning which I identified by bourbon whiskey smell I suggest to listen the link below:

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