Thursday, February 26, 2015

An exquisite leather, part I: Puredistance M

M by Puredistance

I hate M and I love it! Why? I love it cause it deserves the highest love for a perfume, it's a masterpiece that shows how elegant a coarse element can be, an angel made by a beasty note. But why I hate it? I do cause it challenges me every time I test it and every time it wins. I wrote several reviews on it and erased all cause I found them inadequately informative and out of convincing senses and emotions. It's much higher than my lingual ability even. That makes me feel weak!
M is not a random creation nor a random leather perfume, nevertheless, I don't necessarily put it in leather category since there are numerous other aspects beside leather though its leather is genuine and bolder.
Here's he/she on my wrist for all day long, several testings. I say he/she cause unlike some reviewers I see feminine state as strong as masculine, though it is believed to be a masculine perfume. It opens with interesting delightful green or grassy vibes sweetened or spiced and swirled with faintly juicy flower infused citruses. To be honest, the opening is highly integrated and almost impossible to decode. What normally M leaves in the first whiff is only describable by an arrangement of fancy romantic literature terminology. That's why I always say this perfume is beyond words. Just from the beginning it amazes that how leather accord is embraced with spices and how charmingly establish a fluffy throne for this royal introduction. Indeed, M is royal and sumptuous.
Now, like always, I'm trying this and making a scenario in mind in that a dandy man is wearing a soft leather jacket that had been scented by Chanel Égoïst and the fragrance is intimated with the leather in time. And with all these in mind it just rang a bell and it was a scene in Tomorrow Never Dies. That's for its masculine side.

Pierce Brosnan in Tomorrow Never Dies, 1997

Then I red some reviews and news about it. Leather seats of Aston Martin? Agent 007? Roja Dove? Boy, what an English perfume. Believe me with a slight keen sense of making story for scents you can solve more than half of the story cause the scent reveals these all to you, it performs English! The philosophy of Puredistance is a throwback to fragrances reminiscent of the 1920's and 1930's and James Bond is about a bit travelling in time.
beside its semi-dark leather path it has some happy and whimsical sweetness identified with green woodsy notes that delivers soothing feels to imperial leather nasty vibe, and a result is just a focal point of two strong olfactory groups.
For me M is not unique in smell, not even that heavy to fall in love for, but it a strong charisma and it stands out cause the thing it has much higher than many perfume even higher niche ones is premium presentation of quality of notes that offers strong longevity and enormous enveloping sillage.

I found M quite dandy to be appropriated for Burberry suits, especially among all the collections I found this one from 2012 Fall/Winter runway.

Bel Ami and M; these two fragrances are often compared and paralleled; rightfully in some cases; but it is not all. Usually people indicate that M is wasting money while a %100 similar alternative exists. Actually I don't take that. They are apparently not mirrored, nor even in the same class. It's like saying BMW and Porshe are both the same cause both have four wheels!
Anyway, M is luxurious, opulent, high class, charming and sensual, yet, considering uncomfortably high price (approximately $600 for 100ml) while the scent itself is not a significant and unique type of aroma, it's only addiction to luxury and not that artistic in olfactory way.

Carpe Odor!

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