Friday, February 6, 2015

That obscured object of desire

Miroir des Envies by Thierry Mugler

Indeed, Thierry Mugler owes Angel's extravagant warmth and sexiness and Alien's crowd-pleasing appearance that both brought him success and money in the realm of perfume. Certainly, in this route A*Men series are not neglected. The way Mugler approaches perfumery is the way Mitsubishi approached automobile trend.
Miroir collection is an exquisite exclusive limited produced mostly-floriental series of high quality and subtle perfumes including eight; one masculine, seven feminines. Beside some iconic feminine creations known as sexy which is under occupation of designer brands (however I have to mention Loukhoum by Keiko Mecheri as well) such as Chanel's and Dior's, etc. this unknown treasure; Miroir des Envies; is one of my most admired and sexiest feminine perfumes ever. 
Like the rest of this series the notes are untold, nevertheless, some of them are flashy and pronounced. Jasmine is the very bold note shown in Christine Nagel's artwork. Sort of strange quaint zesty dry warm accord of floriental aura empowered with sandalwood and enlightened by orange blossom and what is common among the seven sisters of the collection: milky accord; that is amplified in Dis Moi, Miroir to the utmost level; which softened jasmine and make the whole combination rounded and creamy. I hesitate to say there are notes I might be uncertain which are patchouli, some leather or suede, and caramel or chocolate; just I guess.

Miroir des Envies is inexpressibly erotic. The how damp charge of sandalwood infused in vulgar wild jasmine provide really bombastic and really captivating pattern of smell which, personally, I haven't seen before and after till now. Type of milky note as mentioned collaborating with chocolate and soft leather and something that I'm not sure but delivers dust smell, make the throne much softer.
Miroir des Envies is provocative and male-trap, overpowering herald of feminine modern perfumes with hint of retro 90's sumptuous perfumes, is wild and gentle, is hot and lustful, and is mature while it's cute and teeny. A perfume with bronze and gold quality. It has my loud applause partially for its enormous longevity and sillage.

Carpe Odor!

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