Monday, February 23, 2015

Of the land of witches and omen soil

Norne by Slumberhouse

Before I start I have to indicate that this review is upon my sample taken from the formulation with cylinder bottle as shown in the painting above not the new flanker.
Norne is for sure the most hyped and one of the top sellers among Josh Lobb's creations. When we talk about Slumberhouse perfumes the first coming to mind is "uncommon" and Norne is not an exception, however, it has more versatile aspects than the others. Norne is a thrilling dark take on needle-leafed forest concentration with months of effort on pure natural oils behind its creation. Knowing nothing about the perfume nor its title, the term Norne evokes a feel that tells me it has some root in north European languages and in fact it has and it is impressed by Black Metal genre of music that awakes originally from Scandinavian regions; Lobb mentioned in an interview.
Just like other Slumberhouse perfumes, Norne leaves you dangled and shocked which is hard to get rid of. You think about it, you smell your wrist regularly or wherever you sampled; unconsciously worrying about its ominous aspects which is common feature gifted to all Slumberhouse creations.

Norne initiates with dense volume of oily green vinegar'ish smell of weird moss-covered fir and pine smell; a bit wet and springy type of resin probably. From the beginning it is incense infused and spiced. Actually I feel scared of it if I catch the same accord in nature cause this level of abnormal combo in woods hints where the trouble is! I'm an atheist and I don't believe in any metaphysics or sort of ghost stories but fear has roots in unreasonable things and Norne evokes that apprehensive feel of sorcery!
But with these all this is one the most admired scents to imitate the realistic smell of forest absolute that have to say bravo! It worths the effort and time spent behind.
When it steps forward to the middle phase; however, for the density of its oily quality it is very hard to discern when it shifts into next step; it features kind of mature evil deep incense sour spicy apothecarial feel and the more it goes the more it gets far from the first conifer smell it has structured on, yet it doesn't reduce the level of smoke and darkness. In overall, Norne is an un-urban wild dark and green.

Carpe Odor!


Farbod Gh said...

Impressive review! It really touched me as a big fan of Norne. "Apprehensive feel of sorcery" is what a dark fragrance should evoke!

Keiwan Mashhadi said...

Thanks a lot Farbod for your motivating words!