Thursday, February 19, 2015

An Italian requiem

Notturno by Meo Fusciuni

I wonder, although Italia is one of the boldest regions in perfume world with too many cheap to high-end niche creations, sometimes some houses are barely reviewed and barely known one of which is Meo Fusciuni which scarcely someone out of perfume addiction even heard of it! Even me, while I was exhausted of waiting to receive a reply for the constant emails I had dropped to the house, felt no chance to try this someday, however, many thanks to a friend of mine, he generously shared his perfume with me!
Notturno. Well the story began this way: I was going for a daring blind buy and I left a poll question topic to pick one among some "weird" perfumes one of which was Notturno and the others were Breath of God by Lush, Ore by Slumberhouse, Black Tourmaline by Olivier Durbano and some others that other contributors suggested. I didn't pick it for some drawback comments such as "poor longevity" or "not so unique" and so on. But it apparently left its regretful track on my heart and I wish I would pick it.

The very first whiff of the opening is deeply booze imparted carnation/leather duet that smells baffling and beautiful like glue or someone who drank too much beverage while he's wearing an aromatic 90's perfume on his leather jacket in fresh evening weather; but it does not necessarily means bad! It is so promising and evoking. Then it grows in less booze accord with slight hint of rum; which does not smell like rum but it imitates it.

The middle step, or better to say the second phase, is very gorgeous when the scent of black ink runs into the veins. Notturno is metallic, oddly gourmand, artistic and literally romantic, dramatically Gothic and sad, mysterious.

My expectations for ink smell in Comme des Garçons 2 which is supposed to smell so was turned down and revived again by Notturno for its sweet and fresh synthetic attitude. This is the time of miracle when ink joins to rum/leather party. But honestly some other notes that are listed are not clearly visible; oakmoss and incense, they're so faint and barely exposing.
For the dry down it completely turns back with no leather no rum, or maybe hardly some molecules remained. The smell turns into lots of glue smell of Iso E Super and smell of newly printed paper, fresh, somehow aquatic and dusty.

After several samplings I eventually found a right term to describe whole structure of this perfume in one word: Hamlet! If whole Hamlet play would be preseted in a specific scent it was Notturno.

Carpe Odor!


Farbod Gh said...

I only heard the name of this house and your enlightening review make me eager to test some fragrances from Meo Fusciuni. Thanks Keiwan.

Keiwan Mashhadi said...

Yeah, I don't know if it's the brand's policy that barely people know its creations of something else.