Thursday, February 5, 2015

A modern retro animalic emblem

Rhinoceros by Zoologist

Before I receive the samples of Zoologist perfume, I dreamed a lot about it since there was no review nor comment on them. I concerned about the brand name which is quite attractive and Victor Wong's explanation persuaded me:

"The name Zoologist came naturally. It's the study and categorization of animals, and people also like to study and categorize perfumes into different genres. Both concepts matched."

About Rhinoceros I imagined leathery hardcore with animalic vibes and premium booze accord, considering the animal itself and his military jacket and badges.

My funny expectation for Rhinoceros!

So I received the samples after a friendly chat and introducing with Victor from the house and immediately gave Rhino a go on my skin.
"Boy, this must be the perfume." was my first impression. Rhino begins with type of boozy cocktail spicy gourmand vibe which you want eat it. A bold yet ephemeral flash or rum in the very opening plus sort of soft wild herbaceous accord left me speechless and rolled eye.

Then this pure pleasure develops, or better to say shifts into sort of very interesting and somehow quaint new vintage animalic layout. Sage and lavender join the club plus leather accord and rum is still there beside sort of damp shy oud accord in one step below.
In the middle phase beside tea'ish aroma some dust smell plus elemi resin amplify the subsequently upcoming tobacco. This is not the sort of tobacco is Une Nuit a Doha by SHL777 or in Chergui by Serge Lutens, it's a type of realistic tobacco accord like an old tobacco can that still clearly smells.

I like this sort of leather stuff when they smell tobacco, like leather gloves when smells cigarette.

Rhino is so stylish, overt, dandy and artistic, or better to say fashionable. It's a modern vintage leathery woody floral fragrance, urban and informal. Yet not realistic and plain, it a complex minimal abstraction of what rum/leather should be.

Francis by Nicolas Coulomb for Maison Martin Margiela

Carpe Odor!

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