Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The treasures of the orient

Sandalwood Spirit by Abdul Samad al-Qurashi
Part I

I waited for a long time to their shop open in Ankara. I had heard about them that they have vast variety of essential oils and extracts from few penny aromas to costly extravagant old oud oils and they make bespoke perfume for customers in several sessions! That's charming.

So I walked in when they opened and everything was a booom for me; shelves with jars of perfumes from several groups. So I was excited among all those luxury and I picked a 3ml vial of Sandalwood Spirit.
Generally, a big advantage of Al-Qurashi's perfumes is that you can easily experience blend some oils or blends and prepare your own perfume. All you might need is a perfume bottle and some pure perfume alcohol that they can provide.

Sandalwood Spirit is very sensual and somehow provocatively sexy, it highly depends on weather and mood. It has a milky sweet and jasmine aura beside strong velvety and rounded lazy woody vibe that reminds me Mysore sandal milk handmade soaps; sort of old textile or wool smell with soft wood smoke and hot milk, seemingly some wood fragments are cooking in milk.

Sandalwood oil

I used up my first and second vials in several weather conditions, and several occasion to exclude the best feedback for this simply yet comprehensive and baffling monotonic creation. In rainy weather is makes miracle, in sunny weather is mainly disturbs. Certainly not a scent for late spring till late summer, nor a winter scent, it is so paradoxical with cold weather like an Indian from Kolkota in local dress walking in heavy snow in Uppsala Sweden.
I bought the third vial when I totally configure how to apply the oil on my neck only behind below my eras and only one drop and not in close space at all. During wearing the third vial I experienced again this small treasure in another climate; early spring weather of dry desert weather at the edge of the Great Desert of Iran in city of Kashan. Whole the city is made by brick and mudbrick which highly impressive oriental themes that cannot be discovered by inscription but only by tripping. Sandalwood Spirit has very homogenized characteristic with this sort of climate, nevertheless, it might be wearable in few weeks annually as warm weather evokes its asleep floral side up.

The house of Manouchehri is the house we accommodated in during our trip to Kashan and the house I chose as case study for my master thesis.

Part II
The treasure of the orient: saffron
So my journey through discovering all aspects of the oil is not ending though! i recently purchased an solidly-unwearable extract oil of saffron from the perfume house named Red Saffron. This is a crimson highly smoky and harsh solid metallic/stony vibe that you can easily add to other oils. But it's so dry Arabian saffron which I'm not used to, however, it is apparently saffron and covers my needs. So I added only five drops to my fourth vial. The result is rather smoky and dark smell that is hot like a threesome while drunk.
I have received some Dutch cannabis extract sample from a friend in Netherlands which is tempting me for the nest step!

Carpe Odor!

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