Sunday, February 22, 2015

That clouded absence in neverhood

Series 6 - Synthetic Tar by Comme des Garçons

It was a blind swap with a fragrantican friend from Thailand. I have asked for a sample if he minds to sell, he replied he prefers to sell the perfume cause he's bored. So this term "bored" when it is told by the others usually runs a syndrome in me that tells me the subject is quite nice, therefore, I accepted and instead of money we swapped perfumes. It, with its bulky ugly lovely plastic bottle, was shocking at the first step. To be honest I was expecting for a 30ml or something but it's a 75ml vacuum pocket in a 200ml sized plastic flackon!
Anyway, the day I received it I wore to walk down the crowded streets in a fresh evening! Boy it is so weird, so so bizarre and it seriously sad. What immediately came to my mind was the picture of Alberto Giacometti; the Swiss artist, while he's walking under rain and the sculpture of The Dog he made for this picture indicating that he found himself a homeless dog walking under rain. Artistic syndromes come out and I became an alien, a foreigner to all the people in the world like everyone was a distinct creature in an asphalt jungle walking, talking, eating, laughing, shopping and all and it was me, a bearer who might not be seen. How can I be lost if I've got nowhere to go?

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Alberto Giacometti, rue d'Alésia, Paris, 1961

Anyway, let's not talk about too much personal things!
Tar is dark, grey, gloomy and senseless. It starts with blasts of purely synthetic leather amplified with sour gourmand aldehyde notes vastly used in Comme sed Garçons perfumes. This outlandish opening smells astonishingly like petroleum and playdoh. Yeah, exactly playdoh is what comes to mind for the first whiffs of the opening, although, today they may come in different varieties and smells to be safer for children.

Oh, the egos of this perfume are much higher to concentrate on the suffocating smell of thick leathered tarry perfume. I just want to not be seen like a crow over a sycamore who sees all and its valueless black volume has nothing to attracts any eye. Tar is a very heavy dark smoky powdery resinous pseudo-animalic perfume with very earthy mud-attributed freshness that comes probably form the accords of styrax and aldehydes. If this is what they wanted to be, the project of Tar is apparently a successful step in synthetic revolution and again Comme des Garçons is the pioneer of this movement.
There's no special change when it gets into its stride, only a monotonic leathery grayness that emphasizes on its petroleum aspect. Not exactly tar nor meting asphalt, petroleum is the very element for this sad monster. And there is a song for this perfume...

Carpe Odor!

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