Thursday, February 19, 2015

A modern take on vintage pharmaceutical fetish

Star Fucker by Opus Oils

To be honest, the title is that provocative that I could not resist a sample set order immediately. Star Fucker is a 2012 release of the pronounced Fetish collection. I haven't contacted the perfumer for further information about the idea that promoted these titles or perfumes, themselves, which are as charming as the titles!
Star Fucker is literally interesting. It's one of those mandatory fragrances weird lovers must try before death! And probably one of those I have to put in my basket.
Now how does it smell?
When I was a child I had opportunity to drop into my grandpa's warehouse stealthily and play for hours in that low-lighted yellowish place. There was almost everything a curious boy needs including several chemical substances, inks and paints of my painter uncle, and pharmaceutical and medicinal shelves of my grandma. Now there was something I still cannot resist its smell; an antiseptic wound-washing crimson smelly liquid named Mercurochrome (also called Merbromin). This bloody babe smells seriously good! Weird I know but I love its smell especially when they used to come in old fashion dark glass bottles. I safeguarded all those bottles and I have a big collection of those trashes cause I insanely love them; childhood memories are priceless.

Now imagine a perfume appears that smells like a considerable part of your childhood memories; it destroys you! It did it to me, shot me back and clarified a faint flashback. Suddenly all the colors turned vividly bright, nevertheless, this passion cannot continue till the end.

a random picture I found on the net and I don't have any clue who are the people in the picture but I found it quite near to the picture I have in my mind of my memories.

Star Fucker opens with bold nose freshening marine accords highly infused with dusty fresh oily vetiver orchestrated by an army of citric soldiers, bravely and masterly implemented amount of Iso E Super and lavender that is the key behind that bizarre herbaceous pharmaceutical Marbromin air.

Then it settles in metallic, blood-smelling, not so dark but so vampire'ish fetish aura of zesty oily woody jasmine; slightly wet and so active which doesn't turn the composition into floral or heavy theme at all, it remains on aquatic and zesty aromatic with jasmine backup, let's say.
Sorry guys in Opus Oils! It's gonna be a kinky perfume (which is) that goes wild with celebrities but the similar olfactory that cruises me to my childhood spoiled everything and made a dramatic nostalgic atmosphere! Seems I was a star intimate since childhood!
The fact is Star Fucker is an artistic modern/vintage natural perfume made by effort and heart and knowledge. It's marvelous!

Carpe Odor!

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