Friday, March 27, 2015

The very perfume of fashion world

1996 Inez & Vinoodh by Byredo

With smallest knowledge of aesthetics even, it is hard to pick one of their snaps from a whole cause their art is arguably and flawlessly artistic and all in an aesthetic integrity.
Vinoodh Matadin and Inez van Lamsweerde (aka Inez&Vinoodh); a photographer couple merely known for their fashionable style in photography and video for famous celebrities of fashion and music world; are the faces who deserve to be devoted for such great olfactory masterpiece which was at first exclusively designed for them and some in their environment that subsequently agreed to be launched to public. The artists have a thick portfolio of works in a high level that many artists have been just dreaming about, like what Andy Warhol was for a bunch of downtown attic-dweller abstract-expressionism painters.
1996's inspiration concept is a photograph taken by the artists titled "Kristen 1996" which the Sherlock Holmes inside me is telling me that itself has its concept from a disappeared girl named Kristin Smart; who's missing since May 1996 (it's all my guess and not approved). The photograph shows a luna-faced teen girl with pomegranate vermilion glazed innocent yet lascivious lips and languid eyes loosely half shut with rapture by an unknown aura.

From the opening 1996 makes marvels. It exhibits a mass-pleaser tangy smell pattern of juniper berries and pepper emerging tonic/gin cocktail smell, twisted with unusual creamy orris that provide intriguing semi-aquatic/leafy splash to the opening. Orris underlines every single element and attribute all to the main theme in an enchained integrity.
Beside orris which rules for the opening and the heart layers, vanilla and amber are prominent and responsible for the base. The leather is pretty infused by this duet. The vanilla is reminiscent of Margot Elena's vanilla in Tokyo Milk series, especially Arsenic.
1996 is a perfect perfume, all the notes are measured and balanced in appropriate volume. The layers are masterly edge-faded overlapped. 1996, both on skin and paper blotter, is satisfyingly strong in both longevity and sillage, It's stable till the end with more than arm length projection. But with these all, 1996, is not a perfume for everyone and every skin. It's of those hate-or-love perfumes (hate-or-dislike is a better phrase)!

Carpe Odor!

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