Sunday, March 1, 2015

A savage leather fetish ecstasy

8.5 Extra Strong by Matthew Camp

Everything began with curiosity on weird and provocative advertisement of this perfume! A shocking video for a fragrance that could only happen in Nico Uytterhaegen and some other sort of weird fragrances. But honestly, it increased my curiosity so I contact them for a sample to test and they generously sent me a bottle.

8.5 Extra Strong is a 1 oz. parfum (approximately 29ml) with very simple small dark glass bottle like those for liquid medicines. Now get popcorn and wear glasses. Let's talk about this weird smell. It's better to watch the commercial of the fragrance together!

OK, just kidding!
Well, since I have been gifted this till now I haven't dared to wear this. I definitely will do cause my inclinations towards skanky fragrances are growing.
During several testings I once remembered Luca Turin's statement: Perfumes are not about sex. His concept and argument is valuable in the context of The Secret of Scents, nevertheless, here's a perfume that is straight and brazen manifestation of sex and sodomy with literally weird and filthy pornographic manner. Of course all the term I'm using is only to deliver the concept and not offensive to this perfume. Actually as a big fan of weird perfumes I really admire it!

Perhaps 8.5 Extra Strong is a good olfactory sameness to Pier Paolo Pasolini's Salò or The 120 Days of Sodomy; a movie which I don't suggest you to watch!

It is indicated about the perfume that it includes black leather and erathly cedars which apparently are not the only notes in the composition. Let me open the notes with some examples about how the perfume actually smells. It opens with exact abrasive vibe of hospital and its morbid alcohol-based cannibal attracting human waste smell, plus some sort of regularly used mattress with sucked fat, sweat and semen repeatedly dropped on it. Not a brothel sense of smell with too much exotits and synthetic vanilla fragrances. It's kind of private and DBSM fantasy. But let me exactly show how is the first impression 8.5 Extra Strong gives to you by a scene of Fight Club when Tyler and Tyler are stealing fat from hospital biohazard wastes to make soap!

Now, it's not bad actually, it's magnificently strange and leathery. The fragrance opens with very bold, very edgy and daring dose of immensely clinical and medicinal leather infused by sort of soft sweet spicy (and maybe very soft tinge of florals) theme in very slight hint, plus maybe saffron or some aldehyde note. Then as it goes its smoky and woody theme intensifies with bold play of cedar wood and probably agarwood and its pseudo-animalic sour vibe. The dry  down of the fragrance unlike its opening is seriously enchanting. But you know, you have to pass the opening to capture the joy of the base!
There's not a lot to say for such constant and integrated monotonic performance. Just to add something to the concept of a fragrance for gay culture, Etat Libre d'Orange has done this with its famous fragrance; Tom of Finland; which bears the same concept but not the same smell.

From any point of view you observe, 8.5 Extra Strong is a successful leather perfume in its own case or let's say a kind of fragrance that might not happen again cause although it's interesting it's totally unwearable for most part of leather fans.
It' not urban nor welcomed among the public, very striking, very strong, and somehow repulsive but it is strange and unique. I think the title could be 8.5 Extra Strange. The first hour of performance for its irritating hospital smell is too harsh to be a perfume, but gradually as it settles it gets better and you find its interesting parts.

Carpe Odor!


Farbod Gh said...

Really enjoyed this review. I'm a fan of stinky fragrances, but I believe it would be too much for me!

Keiwan Mashhadi said...

It certainly is bro! It is really unwearable but I don't know why I like it! Maybe simply because it's weird and rare :v