Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Ballad of Moon

Noir de Mars by Scent on Canvas

...Closer comes the horseman, drumming on the plain.
The boy is in the forge; his eyes are closed.
Through the olive grove come the gypsies, dream and bronze,
their heads held high, their hooded eyes...

The Ballad of Moon
Federico García Lorca

What is your expectation of an oud fragrance? What senses oud supposed to evoke? For many of us it's almost the most challenging sense to describe but we all are common in one concept: exotic oriental.

First of all don't let the title fool you! It's not gonna be an unduly burnt smoky darkness falling down from out of the ozone. It's just borrowing a conceptual name to evoke the inherent senses enfolded in the fragrance; however; it is adequately dark and exotic to carry the name. The concept is fulfilled with intimating two arts: visual arts (merely paintings) plus aromatic arts. This concept is; less or more; employed by Olfactive Studio combining and explaining perfumes by photography.

Top notes: agarwood. guaiac wood, sandalwood, yellow nusedge (I have never even cared about this grass and now I see some people use it in diet)
Heart notes: myrrh, leather, gurjun balsam
Foot notes: amyris, amber

Noir de Mars begins with promising and satisfying dose of immense woodsy orchestrated myrrh and leather that smells like new old-school leather bicycle saddle! The woody accords itself is on intense patch of woodsy nuances, injected in agarwood. This combination of oud and guaiac is now pretty familiar. The oud (it's Laos oud) plus guaiac provide seriously humid air which is even amplified by sandalwood and its mellow milky mood. This dampness is reduced by myrrh and amber.

Flamenco dancers in black, isn't just magnificent everything with Spanish musical culture? I adore that dances but to be more even precise to what I see in this perfume referring to Spanish music I strongly recommend you to watch this video link from Jim Jarmusch's movie: The Limits of Control. Mind-blowing etude performance.

The first layer's more on wood-majority and for that it's rather impressing and draws you in. Quickly it travels into second layer with smoky myrrh that evokes the tragic mysterious and exotic dark nuances of oriental arts. Noir de Mars is one of those few examples that delivers the original oriental feel with its premium myrrh. Instead of malls and luxury houses in Dubai and Doha I'm just imagining original flamenco dancers in black, I'm just dreaming a walk in the Great Mosque of Cordoba, the bulls and the guitars, olives and cheeses and wines of warm south Spain, I'm just dreaming floating in Lorca's poems and Francisco Goya's etchings.

Astonishing Lobb arches and lobbed interlacing arches of the Great Mosque of Cordoba; the honorable bride of Islamic architecture and pinnacle of arch decoration geometry.

That is surely leather in the middle of the first layer on that emerges those dark artistic feelings. The leather here is more like a catalysis that intensifies the darkness without being so prominent; only some creamy wet aromatic soft animalic accord in the back refers to the leather accord; however; the combination is still arguably leather infused.
Now the sun is setting behind remote hills of grape farms. After about 3 hours; less or more; now the oud aged down much after sandalwood that was dead much before. The leather is still resisting with myrrh that is all alive there and borrows woodsy air in.
Noir de Mars is a modest local lovely perfume on oud and myrrh combo with fair sillage and higher than moderate longevity.

Carpe Odor!

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