Friday, March 6, 2015

"I trust my inner guidance"

Omniscent 0.96 by Yosh

To calm down the induced curiosity about how opium is employed in perfumery, I went through several perfumes that are known for their poppy and opium, however, poppy supposed to have no smell in nature and opium for its high narcotic features is not supposed to be used in perfumery directly. One of the perfumes I went through and I found quite elaborate to deserve share the name here is Omniscent 0.96 by Yosh Han. Although it's not a poppy/opium major-noted perfume but the smell is very rich in all aspects. It was a trap! I've been totally mesmerized and lost my path through opium smell and fell to follow this line in which I met some other parallel (yet not that mastery) perfumes such as Juliette has a Gun Oil Fiction.
First to say, for containing many dense and various elements it plays rather different on skin than on blotter and different from skin to skin. All the things you get from scented blotter is totally upside down when it sits and develops on your skin.
According to the website the notes are: gardenia, Egyptian tuberose, fig, lilac, violet, kush (a part of cannabis plant), Tunisian opium, vanilla, sandalwood, basil, clove, and geranium. Meanwhile Fragrantica unveils some more components: kiwi, pineapple, pink grapefruit, and violet.

Will Cotton, Cotton candy clouds, 2004

Omniscent 0.96 is a very challenging one to review though it's very straight. This must be my eighth or ninth testing in these two months and I tossed the prior attempt's notes away and started form zero but every time I go into same dead-end street and I cannot go further. This is an resilient octopus perfume with too many aspects from niche perfumery to natural perfumery to aroma-therapeutic, from floral to woody to spicy, so you can't easily classify it nor dedicate an exact behavior for. That's why the perfumer indicates:
"Noir, spicy, woody, floral, powdery, and mysterious. When I created this fragrance, I couldn't fit it into a category or describe it very well, so I made up a word; Omniscent, it's an all; encompassing scent with a little bit of everything, including a touch of magic..."
... that can be considered a weakpoint in a way when the perfume dangles unnamed and uncertain while it is designed for specific therapeutic and moral purposes and it has to be so straight to find the very skin it fits on. Beside it's perfume-being, it has spiritual and art of Chakra (which I unfortunately don't know even a word) and that's what makes it even harder to discuss about.

Reckoning what Yosh Han says about her perfume; Omniscent 0.96; it's supposed to perform variously depending on skin, hair, and eyes color. So, I'm a dark-skinned guy with brown hair and light brown eyes and on me the perfume opens with hefty amount of cannabis influenced floriental layer orchestrated by intricate arrangement of flowers and basil in slight size. But this layer quickly succumbs to next realm: very milky sandalwood, skin-mate gardenia and matured tuberose. This layer remains prevailing till the end with scanty changes in spicy tones. It almost take all the sample I have and I still cannot give a name to ring a bell but Oil Fiction by Juliette has a Gun: a perfume with less or more same attitude in a classic way. Both, actually, are semi-classic and oriental. The sandalwood employed here is so thick and it merges perfectly with fresh and tiny tuberose pods and gardenia which is the queen of the performance with fluffy and rounded sugar velvety air.
Omniscent 0.96 is like an immense oriental perfume smell of zen shops' shelves full of candles, card, oils and items.

Carpe Odor!

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