Saturday, March 21, 2015

A sweet bomb

Ore by Slumberhouse

Ore was my dirtiest blind buy! Last year I aimed to do a daring blind buy upon a "weird" fragrance so I contacted my other reviewer friends and I set a tread on Fragrantica forums with poll question in which Ore was includes. But after several suggestions I finally places an order. I'm not still sure that I'm happy or regretful cause Ore is apparently a distinct type of fragrance, very hard to review, very intense sweet and very comprehensive to analyze.
The notes listed are:
Oakwood, mahogany, Peru resin, guaiac wood, dittany of crete, vanilla, whiskey lactone,  and cocoa
I own a very hard to review fragrance. So this is not gonna be so long as usual. For me, the first impression when I received the parcel and smelled Ore for the first time, it was like a grenade or super fuel made of chocolate and woodsy resinous notes with hints of caramel and patchouli. It smells like  melancholic artists trying to be so social and urban but the fragrance he's wearing on his irregular cut suit is radiantly unfit and bombastic.

Sort of immense warm damp cacao absolute with magma inside that melts down snows! A whiskey mate fragrance, not so dark but still considerably is, not so creepy as Slumberhouse is famous for but still it's weird, seriously weird and criminal.
Ore is a typre fragrance you can only wear on skin and not dress. Not only because of the color stain it lefts on fabric or because of long performance on textile which you might hardly get rid of; but exactly for its skin-mate abilities and treats. Ore plays exactly marvelous on skin, intimates with skin chemistry, merges and results in a very enigmatic monster smell with peculiar sweetness that is not happy-ending at all!
I said it's almost hard to review but I really like to share a Fragrantican's review on Ore that exactly hits the nail:
Brings to mind an image of a chocolate scented air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror of a pimp's dirty, humid Cadillac Circa 1972, Los Angeles. An intentionally vulgar, and accurate, period piece.
Yes that is what exactly Ore does! It's unurban, dense, bewitched, straight, bold and punchy.

Carpe Odor!

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