Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Siberian Fir by Evocative Perfumes

Siberian Fir by Evocative Perfumes

These last two months I found nice opportunity to survey inside some unknown natural and indies; an olfactory discovery like surfing in another world full of wonders. From the bygone continent of Australia I encountered a bunch of talented people who make perfumes in a very authentic way, one of whom is Mark Evans; a niche perfumer with deep passion into nature (I see this from his scents, I haven't find an opportunity to talk to him yet) who established his own small house of perfumery in 2012 named Evocative Perfumes.

I've ordered three samples from the website and all of them are common in two attributes: monotonic or bi-noted performance on pre-tied basic notes, and high resemblance to natural perfume cause the high quality of notes.
Although it looks simple and the notes listed for this perfume are less than fingers of two hands (according to the website: fir needles, fir cone sap, poplar buds, balsams, woods, rich fruits) I think it must be more complex than I thought. Seems there are some extra untold accords cooperating with the notes implemented. So you gonna expect a balsamic immense woodsy confer orchestra! And it indeed is. Siberian Fir is the cavalier of "fir" category of conifer perfumes for its daring and bravely use of realistic sour dirty vinegar smell of fir which I know a very very good example: Slumberhouse Norne; however there are quite big gaps between these two fragrances.

Fragrantica suggests an alternate pyramid which is softly different; yet; they certainly have acquired it from a reliable source: pine needles, Siberian pine, poplar buds, dried fruits, benzoin, and woody notes.
First to say, what you smell in Siberian Fir is too much to be pine, it's fir. It's creamy sour and vinegar/cider smelling with bold bright smoky manner.

The first whiff suggests strong green and bulky fir accord with deep creamy and blurred aromatic old-school woodsy notes, woodsy as in its natural smell of bygone woodlands. Then poplar appears, poplar in spring when it exudes and scatters its punchy grey scent in air. The combo settles in few minutes in its constant-driving weird witchy smell. It's heavy yet bright like the moment in fully snow covered woods when intrigant sun shine on your face and you feel tiny tiny needling on your face for this cold/warm battle. It's like living in log houses.
Now if you're a fan of those natural perfumes with monotonic and campfire spirit and a fan of fir, take my advise and don't lose it cause the price is generously high considering the quality.

Siberian Fir is, in my opinion, the most mind-blowing creation of Evocative Perfumes that in spite of being infamous because of locating remote (a geographical determination!) from western niche markets and perfume communities, exposes boldly and probably is one of the nicest releases from the continent.

Carpe Odor!

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