Monday, March 9, 2015

A traveler in Arabia

Une Nuit a Doha by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777

From the day tobacco with its exotic smell has been subjected for perfumery until today it has not lost its attraction. In this range; of course as long as the aroma is not an organic ingredient; the winner of competition is who makes the best accords and who apply it the best to create the most realistic tobacco smell. From designers to niches, from natural perfumes to synthetic ones, everyone has a touch in this field. Burberry London for men, several releases of Thierry Mugler, and on and on, till it comes to niches and one of the best in tobacco category, perhaps, is Une Nuit a Doha if we consider reality in smell.
Une Nuit a Doha unveils with mellow and pleasant sweet waxiness of vanilla infused tobacco but it is not an usual tobacco as in Gucci by Gucci or some sort, rather it is exactly; I repeat exactly; aromatic Arab hookah tobacco. Enough to take a walk in traditional part of an Arab city like Doha or Dubai when the fever of cruel sun is cooling down and the realm of merciful moon and night is beginning, so as to nightlife and cafés. People are smoking hookah and the smoke is enveloping the entire place with its cozy and captivating gourmand aura.

But it's not all, Une Nuit a Doha actually has a bold private and VIP face that comes from its fluffy vanilla and rebel mimosa and the relaxing theme underneath this layer. It illustrates the luxurious lifestyle of women in palaces.
The gourmand dry fruity side it presents is like nothing else. It's literally realistic and very clear with real dried fruit shop smell and hookah café and this means it's not for me at all, no matter how beautiful and how elaborate the balance of smells is measured; I'm not a fan of realistic smells and I'm not gonna smell like a hookah café garcon! Yes, to be honest, the fragrance is king size but this is my point of view and it evokes from my obsessions! Now, if anyone loves it I hope she or he enjoys it and I suggest you if you're looking for real; I second that loudly: real; smell of hookah, this is the exact point you're looking for.

Carpe Odor!

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