Monday, March 2, 2015

V for Victroria

V for Men by Clive Christian

In 2012 the high-end luxurious interior design house of Clive Christian announced its new fragrance couple for women and men; V; and again glamorized the markets! V is one of the nicest creations in entire niche market, however, the price tag (almost $240 for 50ml) is a serious enemy of my wallet!
V for Men opens with punchy and fluent stream of fine and obsessively chosen black peppercorns and resins. Black pepper in masculine perfumes is the key of success; a lovely ingredient with fresh dusty and nostril tickling manner and comfortable cozy heavenly nebulous smell. So the beginning influences this way with growing pink pepper and vetiver with delivers more dusty vibe to the composition.

What I like about the performance is that it goes straight with the same dry out it opened with and doesn't change visibly like some chameleon fragrances which you don't believe the dry down is for the same fragrance in the opening. For after half an hour it has even more surprise with resins (olibanum and elemi; olibanum is much stronger) and oud wood. A gentle take on oud in such dusty fresh warm spicy woody introduction makes it rather dandy.
Gentlemen, let me introduce a binary choice for people who may find the price just a little high: White by the house of Lalique. Yes, I'm not joking although I'm a often out of this replacements cause I do believe that each fragrance has its own beauty but I don't wanna retire my wallet for such purpose cause such smell with its all beauty is not on my priority to purchase.

Lalique White has been launched in 2008; few years before V for Men (of course in reverse case we would say it's a replica of a niche item but in such situation I think everybody says "oh what a coincidence!") with more or less the same main theme while White inclines to western classics which high dose gives feeling of water pressure and suffocating by a perfume and eventually regular squeeze while V for Men does to modern oriental Amouage-resemble themes, shallow and like a vapor envelops you. That's not a tiny different and that's the logic of the gap between the prices!
V for Men is fresh springy, dry, dusty, airy, immense woody and casually chic with moderate longevity and strong sillage on my skin which in overall I get the same feel and happiness from White so better to save money for more valuable things. I'm a not a fan of luxury and spending too much!

Carpe Odor!

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