Saturday, April 4, 2015

Inexpensive olfactory pop arts

01/04 by Fragrance Republic!

Fresh chilly breeze in evening of peachy orange sunset of humid summer day's sun waves your loose white linen shirt but it's a not a remedy to get rid of afternoon's heat under your skin yet.
Fragrance Republic! which I'm afraid to call a house or brand or some sort of cliché cause they act different, is a society who provides a platform for which kindly gathers well-knwon perfumers and lets them to create free-handed without any restraint towards marketing or budget preferences. So they shortcut the dealers in between and deliver the perfumes directly from the noses' labs to their shop. 01/04 comes from Amélie Bourgeoiswho's got a portfolio valuing a treasury.

With a nose-needling gorgeous smell of red pepper or something similar which is not listed, highly suitable for quasi Frederick Malle floral naturalism of the following, the fragrance opens up. There's a bold contrast between bitter accord and mouth watering floral patch like a breakfast in a restaurant in the middle of a long road trip where the new different taste of toast suddenly makes you aware that you already have left your own region.
01/04 opens up with floral vibe infused with pseudo spicy bitterness. Does magnolia smell that deep and multifaced? Anyway, subsequently jasmine comes up with its angely divine sexy milky legs. 01/04 is a floral woody fragrance; woody, yes and I expected woodsy notes as much as almonds. It's sexy and versatile for any kind of everyday occasion. But there is a point of drawback within the perfume and that is the monotonic attitude of magnolia overpowering the whole performance without being affected by any of them. Only, musk accord at the end might be detectable; the rest sit only on skin.

Carpe Odor!

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