Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dark and evocative

Burqa eau Fine by SoOud

Ink in perfumery is "granny" category search of pornographic sites for a teenager boy who may not be interested unless under pressures of curiosity. Cause normally it is not a charming babe for perfumes. It plays better as catalyst in relation with dark and blackened compositions to emerge rather darker vibes that can be soothed by rum chord which is absent in Burqa. Comme des Garçons once employed ink in their top seller perfume; 2; and it was not that convincing as when someone sees ink among the notes being rated beside aldehydes. Meo Fusciuni also has an intriguing perfume on ink; Notturno; that blows my mind but that is only for the opening and the dry down is overdose of Iso E Super and white musk aura. Burqa but is a fine dark fragrance; modest and gentle; approving skillful talents of master perfumery.
Burqa opens with exotically woodsy accords darkened and boosted with black ink nuances. A slight portion of ink in the very opening to give a senseless gray face to woodsy accord, is fairly enough to make it enticing and highly intriguing. Then ink gradually submerges and imbues into leather and wood accord. The leather accord; although very pale and soft; reminds me the very leather employed in Russian Tea by Masque Milano. Interesting part of Burqa is that it is an oriental perfume and oud (as pale as one may strongly disagree its presence) only gives an enigmatic air to the overall composition without being blazing or notable.

After deceptive performance of ink/teakwood brothers in the opening a light floriental subtitles adds to the main dark theme and inhabits in every cell of the elements of composition. Rose and violet. Violet is actually much higher than rose but in Fragrantica members overvoted two notes: rose which is not that high, and ink which I believe is voted upon excitement, irrationally. The foot of Burqa is even more aromatic and slightly creamy. Notes are now chained into each other. Cardamom gives tragic nostalgia drama to violet and to woodsy maintheme.
Burqa is a fine fragrance with all the notes balanced and appropriately assembled, however I'm afraid I haven't got any hint of some notes listed. The perfume itself is quite satisfying, so as the design.
But I don't understand the logic behind the title cause burqa, as dress or veil to hide and cover women beneath, is emblem of religious misogyny and sexual discrimination.

Carpe Odor!

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