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Easy, simple, beautiful like modern arts

Ego Facto: an aromagraphy

In these days of crowded and confusing bazaar of perfumes the fragrances of Ego Facto are like real vanilla flavored ice-cream that now is just a dreamy taste remained from childhood! Collaborating with great names in perfume world (such as Antoni Morillas and Dominique Ropion et al), Pierre Aulas; the creator and manager of the house; has delivered seven fragrances titled after musics of past decades from Lord Huron to Beyoncé. And the scents are reminiscent of non-dark simpler releases of late 90's and early years of the third millennium. The general aspect of Ego Facto perfumes are their simplicity, aromatic and amusing non complex emotional features.

Me, Myself and I
This perfume is a feminine one created by Jean Guichard and Aurelien Guichard. It's floral fresh and semi-aquatic juicy with apple opening plus unblossomed tuberose. Then its vetiver appears. Actually, in this level it gets close to masculine side as well and loses its floral side a bit. Me, Myself and I is a fresh floral woodsy fragrance that reminds me some memorable inexpensive items of 90's air.

Piége à Filles

It is a fresher and softer version of Givenchy Pi made by Anne Flipo. Same almond composed with citrus notes and hyacinth concludes to semi-burnt, semi-waxy and dry sparkling sweet dusty vibe. Citruses play a green herbaceous role of 80's perfumes but it stays more recent.

Jasmin le Dimanche

Certainly it is Alberto Morillas' work! He's expert in aquatic and aromatic scents. First of all, don't let that cannabis among the notes fool you. It's a fresh incense vibe of sweet green orange-like full aquatic fragrance. It reminds me some of Bvlgari and Hugo Boss man series that you can find in every corner of small perfume shops.

Fool for Love

Harsh uncommon opening of Laurent Bruyère's creation is almost repulsive and it grown in the same direction till the floral side opens. Fool for Love is a sort of modern/vintage everyday fragrance for women. It's a floral fruity woody fragrance. Although it's warm and sweet it provides good moods for summer wear for its uprising coconut that dominated dry down level. All it needs is you to give it a go.

Poopoo Pidoo

Now this is really different, not because it's Dominique Ropion's but I rate for the scent itself. Poopoo Pidoo is a sweet zesty creamy amber with modern oriental damp opening on rice that makes powdery gourmand air when it merges into orange blossom. It resembles some feminine colognes of 80's in a faint aquatic musky theme. This is the best and happiest one from the collection in my opinion.

Sacré Coeur

It is very interesting fragrance and it is Laurent Bruyère's. Opens with joyful and happy fruity side mixed with zesty lemon like a fruit cocktail boozed with unstable fresh grape wine. Leather and aromatic fruity tobacco appear and both are infused but fruity opening. Sacré Coeur is an aromatic fruity woody fragrance, slightly sweet, springy and full of ginger nuances in dry down. It's a fine unisex fragrance.

Prends Garde à Toi

Oh this is good, really good! Prends Garde à Toi is composed by father and son again: Jean Guichard and Aurelien Guichard. It is a very brilliant simple composition of female-skin-mate green watery floral hyacinth that smells like Johnson baby shampoo! But you're gotta like it for sure. A soft sweet green everyday layer with prominent notes of lily of the valley and hyacinth and nettle.

Carpe Odor!

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