Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Perfumery or jewelry?

Gray by Goti

Hailing from Italy, Riccardo Gotti; Italian fashion and accessories designer; with association of Santa Maria Novella had released his first line of three fragrance: Earth, White, and Black in 2008. The new versions are reformulated and two others joined the brand's collection: Smoke and Gray. This is a review on Gray which is created in 2013.
Being available only on few online boutiques like Antonioli, the new series of Goti perfumes has been created under collaboration with Laboratorio Therapeutic MRI (a Dutch epidemiology and skin care laboratory). The new series are represented in a very dandy metallic flasks with very stylish package that made me madly curious about the series even cosnsidering jaw-droppingly high prices! But all I could do is getting a sample of Gray by kindness of a friend from Netherlands.

Eucalyptus, sambuca, blackberry, black currant, and myrtle are the ingredients of Gray. The note listed are so charming but it's not exactly about the overall. Gray starts up with soft booze nuances plus blackberry. Sambuca is so faint so it disappears quickly and what remains is a blurred hint of purely synthetic fruity floral with deep metallic sense of smell. Unfortunately the longevity is as weak as the booze implemented in the perfume; and so as projection. That's all, there's nothing to add more. This scent gonna stay on your skin for about an hour ultimately and not gonna fly more than few inches. The rest is only you and you to hold nose on it and sniff! Ridiculous price offering for such delivery.

Carpe Odor!

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