Sunday, April 5, 2015

A pinnacle in coffee but...

Intoxicated by Kilian

Now this is what I mean when I say "niche" is a luxurious monkey business expanded toward new-brand rootless markets, and Kilian is one of those fraudulent who considerably grew up in just few years with a line of creations exposing nothing special but fancy packages and names!
I, with a friend, in a high-end market have been suggested for this last series of Kilian named "Perfume as an Art". God, I don't know shall I laugh or cry! Poor art!
As always I asked for samples and they know I don't buy anything without several testings. So I tried my sample here and there and this is the third day and I seriously don't know what to say! Should one pay $320 (the price they charge in Turkey!) for a 50ml dandy spicy warm coffee smell that Thierry Mugler had created many years ago? Or Remy Latour had done before that with Cigar series? Isn't funny that a "niche" brand copies a mass-pleaser and top seller (and certainly masterpiece) designer? Furthermore; they've done it with only few basic elements and it makes me more laugh and believe that Mugler has nailed it all the way through!
I don't say Intoxicated is not great or perfect; it indeed is; but a matter of fact is the price! "Why they create a product which is highly reminiscent of much cheaper one" is the question.

Intoxicated opens with pure blast of gourmand coffee just as represented in most of A*Men series; specially the original version. The only bold difference with A*Men is dark refined espresso smell of overly burnt coffee that is not used in A*Men (there are varieties of coffee products and Turkish coffee; that Kilian has referred this fragrance to; is the least burnt and most ground coffee just unlike espresso that is the most burnt and least ground one).
"Kilian Hennessy and Calice Becker conjure up the steam from an eggshell cup of rich viscous Turkish coffee laced with green cardamom in double strength - in oil and absolute - to glow as the opulent heart of the scent. Around this swells the warm spicy fragrance of hallucinogenic nutmeg & powdered cinnamon. At the base is the crystal sweetness of burned caramelized sugar."
The fragrance has linear performance towards integrated spicy sense that as it goes it gets closer to A*Men's damp main theme (however A*Men is sweeter and punchy in general). You know what? Who makes this concept has never drunk Turkish coffee! And who purchases this perfume is not a perfume lover or perfumista, is a luxury addict only!

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