Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cosmos and smell

Nebula II by Oliver & Co.

It was at the final days of 2013 that a loud sample giveaway of a pair of two eye catching and highly intriguing perfumes retain all the audiences among hot bazaar of sample giveaways of pre-holiday Frgarantica. Before that, one can assuredly claim that no one have not ever heard about Oliver & Co. but a small group of perfumistas and reviewers who, like me, look for rarest creations; and indeed the post on Fragrantica was like a extended loud shout in a crowded square to have all the attentions, so as the concept of the fragrances: the smell of space. Anyway, surprisingly and sadly aftermath, the growth of comments and reviews on Fragrantica about these two perfumes hardly increased and most of those who posted their comment later are those who received their samples much later than holidays.
The last efforts of Oliver Valverde; talented and young nose behind all the creations of his house; are named Nebula I and Nebula II. The concept behind this pair comes from taken photographs of two nebula; Carina and Orion; respectively.

There are several pictures of the two nebula and these two are not the right picture behind the concept of the two perfumes. Left: Carina for Nebula I, right: Orion for Nebula II.

Of course no one can smell the space yet, but it is clearly noticeable from the smell texture that Oliver has painted both perfumes by the colors he see in the pictures of the two gigantic nebula and arrange the notes according to his imagination.
Ambergris, woods, Haitian vetiver, poplar bud, liatrix, grapefruit, kaffir lime, chamomile, clary sage, mexican lime, blue notes, watermelon, yuzu, galbanum, nutmeg, cardamom, anise, white musks, elderflower, violet leaves, blackcurrant, jasmine and gardenia.
Nebula II bursts out with vibrant green dusty vibe of synthetic woodsy classic/modern blend of clary sage and citruses, musky notes and slight barbershop floral theme. It has a kind of odd otherworldly fresh intrigant air with the opening; same to what happens in artistic elemental creations of Nu_Be, specially Sulphur.
It grows on skin and develops into more dusty more aromatic sharp sour citrus theme in direct correlation within the total pattern of the fragrance. For such fresh mind-blowing performance, Oliver & Co. has approached a new device in the new wave of synthetic revolution beside bold faces of this post-industrial movement. What happens in Nebula II is exactly, to clear the idea, an alien version of Chanel masculine perfumes! It's herbal, fresh, dusty, slightly powdery, ozonic, blue, woody and experimental citric.
The longevity on my skin is fairly enough to cover the embarrassingly enormous projection (I say embarrassingly cause a slight over apply can make you to a scented bomb)!

Carpe Odor!

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