Friday, April 3, 2015

Gourmand leather

Vertigo Cuir by Perfumes by Terri

These last days, United States; unlike highly eastern-infused so-called niche markets of Europe with oud oud oud everywhere; is growing in more and more mostly experimental indies, professional or self-made, producing homey perfumes out of luxury markets logic and needs all by talent and passion. One of those perfumers who works for herself is Terri Bozzo. Perhaps the most undertones fragrances which are barely taken in consideration and value are gourmands cause they usually resemble foody auras which are random and sometimes silly! But Terri Bozzo is an olfactory confectioner who gives them a valuable identity mixing her passion; gourmands; with other elements like leather, oud, spices, woods and all.

Vertigo Cuir is a perfect juxtaposition of two groups: leather and caramel gourmand. It's a concoction of leather accord, caramel, greens, fresh floral notes, vanilla and musk: a classic arrangements of notes with modern composition and balance yet I'm not sure what to call this retro/modern fragrance: a gourmand or a leather; cause both are notable on high creating an art deco'ish air.
Vertigo Cuir is a modest artistic perfume that opens with strange twisted semi-smoky semi-fresh mood on a kind of humid bed of metamorphosed caramel that smells seriously intriguing. The leather places in the opening; interesting; and accentuates the immense sweetness. That's why this perfume performs vise-versa like Benjamin Button; with loud leather opening that flies away in the middle to the vanilla caramel sensual and inviting base. Of curse for the leather in the opening it is no surprise that the top layer runs quickly into heart and base. The base is identified more by vanilla and delicious dusty caramel that; yet; are not that gourmand. It has vivid picturesque of sepia photographs of few decades ago back to early 20th century.

Just like many other independent fragrance houses, Terri Bozzo makes perfume for the use of herself at first. All she produces are those she wants to wear. The same idea behind CJ Scents' efforts in olfactory world that makes perfumes to fulfill the gaps of forgotten compositions. That makes their efforts much valuable.
Vertigo Cuir is a warm cozy sensual fragrance, so wearable and unique by all mean yet so modest and gentle. Specially the offered price considering the smell is inexpensive like a joke :) I wonder how much it would be sold if it had been created by Bond No9?

Carpe Odor!

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