Monday, April 6, 2015

Realistic bizarre gourmand

Woodland Strawberries by Neil Morris

The thing that makes Neil Morris' perfumes significant might lay behind the strong personality of scents that present gallantly with no fear of being judged, and this is the fact that makes his creations highly attributable to be perfect signature scents as you might find them bespoke perfumes that his clients have agreed upon public release. Another identity of the perfumes is their fluent story telling and imaginative manner; kind of children book; or profound artistic impressions with deep root in emotions!
All we know about strawberry in perfume and, generally, in the realm of smell, is based on detergent smelling low level inexpensive accords reminiscent of spoiled form highly ripe greenhouse abnormally huge strawberries sold in markets, that indeed, is way different from the reality of the fruit in the matter of smell. But what happens in Woodland Strawberries is not another sweet punk pink colored sense of smell, it is literally a different case.

"A friend and I were hiking through the woods on a gorgeous day and we came across a strawberry bush with still unripened strawberries. It smelled of strawberries with a woody and pungent green scent."       Neil Morris 
I understand why this perfume is biased and unfairly mismarked. People look for strawberry smell in the perfume while Neil Morris has worked out on wild unripe green strawberries in woods to emerge out a wild drama out of cute-named fruit.
Notes: Ambrettolide, geraniol, linalool, black pepper, galbanum, cassis, strawberry, sweet pea, sandalwood, Iso E Super, oak.
Woodland Strawberries initiates vibrant and green dusty with deft cassis and hint of peppery notes amplified by faint smoky presentation of galbanum which shimmers. The first layer runs quickly into the heart with blazing and sharp strawberries; raw, astringent, acidic and deeply metallic; all attributions a peculiar gourmand smell needs. Cassic; leafy and green; beside airy floral vibes envelops strawberry to protect it and keep it alive.
With hints of indolently philosophic oak sprinkled by velvet warmth of sandalwood, the foot layer provides a soft ground. There's a fluffy musky accord presentation all over the performance from alpha to omega which must be ambrettolide (a substance that smells floral with slight sweet red fruity theme).
Personally I have not fallen in love affair with strawberries in perfumes, never ever, and I usually disincline when I see it among notes of a perfume; but Woodland Strawberries is a perfume I strongly recommend to try if you're gonna see to what extent a floral fruity goes with weirdness and it's surprisingly perfect. It is certainly the most true and perfect release upon strawberries, and one of the few whose name perfectly reflects the juice. It exactly is the very moment you find berries in woods and pick them.
Woodland Strawberries is an effervescent metallic woody, floral and fresh fruity leafy fragrance with enormous longevity and high extremist sillage.

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