Saturday, May 30, 2015

69 rue des Archive

Archives 69 by État Libre d'Orange

Archive 69 is that surprising that I preferred to share my first and all the time emotions on its exciting opening before I go on with introduction. This perfume unexpectedly opens so bright and vibrant with sort of detergenty smell of rare inexpensive handmade soap which reminds apartment unit of an obsessive cleanse-sick nurse in that the smell of mixture of several washing powders and liquids; to result assured desired clean until death of the last microorganism; are intimated deeply with old gloomy grape green tiles of bathroom and titanium white chalk plaster or her sitting room.
Half coincidentally half purposefully the emblematic number of sexual position 69, conceptualize two perfumes from two different houses: Histoires de Parfums 1969 which refers to to sexual revolutions of the year, and État Libre d'Orange Archives 69 which borrows the name from the address of the house's flag office in 69 rue des Archives, Paris.
État Libre d'Orange renowned as the pop artist of modern perfumery. Also famous to be the most engaged with sexuality as the focal point to conceptualize their perfumes and this is usually exposed as blatantly as the act itself in the public. Tom of Finland, Sécrétions MagnifiqueJe Suis un Homme and on and on. Archives 69 is not an exception in this case. Their fragrances; as long as I tested; tend to represent a sort of semi synthetic vibe of hidden nasty feel which pretend to be clear and bright.

Kamasutra graphic art by Malika Favre

I see many reviewers indicate that this is or is not related to sexuality. Some even say it does not smell like sex. Well I don't know how exactly sex smells. Should a perfume smell like semen or lubricant or anything related to intercourse to be sexy or is imitating a sexy vision with warm notes enough to be? This theoretical concept is still under arguments and disagreements but on one glimpse a sexy perfume is what emerges warm feelings and excitement. This is not an introduction to cite contrary to those found Archives 69 a non-sexy perfume nor a solidarity to the other party. For me Archives 69 has actual track of sex and deviance and pervert cause what I illustrate when the perfume settles is smell of cheap yummy lipstick of a prostitute in her punky pink bag left on skin-smelly blanket of her room in a brothel! Yet with such direct imagination I don't link it exactly to sexuality. I like to admire Christine Nagel for making artistic wearability and versatility out of a condemn poverty. This concept has earlier been planned for nauseating Sécrétions Magnifique which in my opinion was a raw and too much reality in abstract realm of smell but Archives 69 is in fact much better.

Archives 69 opens interestingly with punchy hint of peppered powdery mechanical prune. This deliberate and perceptive composition of aromatic warm and fresh makeup artistic aura wholly delivers the idea and concept in the very opening. A free and multidimensional perfume with semi aquatic fruity pepper-hearted attitude.
The core of the fragrance is more on milky path where musk appears sooner than expected plus camphor seducing and soft incense. This is the platform on which the fragrance resembles the smell of sex-related things and lipstick. Patchouli gives it rancid creamy side and the fragrance matures and ages down aftermath.
I have Archive 69 for decent three hours of perfectly clear and readable performance on my skin, however, I have to second those colleagues who indicate to its poor projection. Seem to fit the concept it is a perfume you have to flirt people you like to smell your perfume!
Personally I'm not a fan of this type of scent anymore but I enjoy them as much as smelling this one others. Type of love of hate fragrance in middling way which can easily be a signature scent.

Carpe Odor!

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