Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cuir or Leather?

Cuir Velours by Naomi Goodsir

The first time I tried Cuir Velours upon a big sample a dear friend gifted I had an academical session with my thesis adviser upon a chapter of my final thesis. Believe me I didn't remember what he said about how to organize the chapter after I left there! I applied about five minutes before I walk in the professor's office and when I just dropped in I realized how bulky the fragrance is projecting so it prettily disturb my concentration and occupied me entirely. Instead of things on architecture I was automatically and unconsciously counting the possibilities and dosage of notes listed, and of course upon its familiar olfactory resemblance I was just surfing my memoir to emerge the nearest releases to Cuir Velours. The leathery side grabbed me badly. Aftermath when I checked the info and details about and found that it's constructed by Julien Rasquinet (which was even much familiar than the scent itself and I knew him from his marvelous Russian Tea for Masque Milano) I realized this perfume's scaffolding is on the same; or at least so near; leathery accord employed in Russian Tea, however it's not gonna be the same to Russian Tea since the opening is just an inviting introduction to a luxury leather fetish show.
The nicest thing with leather is its populated variety. There are many leathery accords in this science and the matter is to pick the rightest one to finalize a masterpiece and Cuir Velours is an abridge masterpiece. It's a nice and wise assortment of delicious notes with aesthetically marvelous soft leather to not amplify but refine a disturbed voice into theatrical chord.

Rum, suede, immortelle, tobacco, incense, labdanum
OK, Cuir Velours initiates with delightful luscious/acrid suede and rum that slightly smell like apricot and plum for that I find this perfume akin to Tom Ford Atelier d'Orient Plum Japonais and Serge Lutens Daim Blond. The rum side of the fragrance prefers to hide behind curtain and give suede a character than to be solidly exhibiting on the scene. Rum and base incense are enveloped with moist fresh unflavored tobacco which enwraps the total formation even suede. Tobacco deliberately accentuates the leathery play of the fragrance. Personally, I insist to call it a suede-infused tobacco fragrance than a leather categorized one. The first hour of performance passes by uncommon incense rum cured aromatic warmth then it transforms into mere tobacco and suede, although hints of sugary rum is trackable even in the basic level when the suede intimates with immortelle. I would like to add I feel amber in the foot level but it is not listed nor mentioned.

Cuir Velours for me is a dapper sartorialist British fragrance made by artistic fashion-mate French barrette accent! This gives me kind of baffling sense which amuses me in fact but makes me suspended about the perfume. Which side I have to take, artistic exaggerated behavior or gentle highly steamed polite English manner? Cuir Velours touches your heart by its frank and straight non-phenolic leather play if you're a fan of both leather and luxury. It has the same manner Puredistance M presents and I strongly believe whoever loves M would love Cuir Velours too.
Cuir Velours is a modern/vintage perfume with the least possible use of noble notes to create a minimal composition reminiscent of an hard to identify retro air.
Sad that I have to indicate such great masterpiece lacks an important factor: power. The fragrance stays for about 5 hours on my skin, 2 hours of which is good but the rest is only close to skin. Also the projection could be higher than moderate to hit the ranks in leather group.

Carpe Odor!

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