Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Elaborate olfactory

New York Sandalwood by Bond No 9

I have never been fond of Bond No 9 perfumes but their tootty fruity bottles, yet, having a long portfolio and using almost every material in the world me and Bond No 9 eventually meet on a common point! New York Sandalwood is one of those common points. Sandalwood is an interesting type of material. It looks like everything but wood. Milky warm damp and skin-mate smell that is somehow comfortable yet maddening, attractive but if a skin rejects it it's terribly annoying. This material, solidly is not so welcomed and versatile, however it perfectly plays versatile when constructs the foot bone of perfumes. New York Sandalwood is actually irrelevant to New York's dynamism and active pattern. Beside I ❤ New York for All which is a gourmand masterpiece, NY Sandalwood is the second highly capable for Christmas shopping and new year I know from the brand. Warm, damp, kind and sort of mouthwateringly gourmand.

Yep, the first whiffs of NY Sandalwood is highly infused by carrots. I don't dare to say any carrot is in the composition since it smells like kind of materialistic and mechanical carrot which is not a carrot but it greatly imitates the image of carrot. It delivers kind of acrid suspended sweetness to the milky creamy woody theme. I'm not saying that carrot stays only for the opening, no it goes till the end, but soon after the fragrance settles a sudden shift to cardamom; which is keyword in this fragrance; makes the composition much wonderful. It is now woodsy with gourmand spicy background. There will be no more serious shifts in NY Sandalwood and it follows the path linearly. Just some notes become bolder; a touch of powdery iris (which I don't find that bold to be rates more than musky notes) a bit fig which is pretty enough to charge the sandalwood enormously sexy and bit of slightly mossy savory notes in the very basement. Notes in NY Sandalwood  are allied in well made coherence to emerge notable integrity.
It is a very adorable, very bulky and bold fragrance, highly skin-mate like all sandalwood composition that merge into body chemistry, super sexy and enchanting, hot and damp and luxurious of course!
I would never suggest to wear this in hot weather specially dry hot cause experimentally even softest sandalwood fragrances gives feeling of suffocation in dry how weather. In rainy days, cloudy days and most preferred, in snowy days this babe can make your day and bring compliments like you win in Las Vegas!
No kidding, the longevity is enormous on my skin. I sprayed last night three hours before I go to bed. Morning I was enjoying its dry down while usually my skin evaporates perfumes when I'm sleeping. But the sillage could be more intense. It's not bad, it envelops a circle with about 5 feet radius which is enough for such golden smell.

Carpe Odor!

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