Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hats off!

Carnal Flower by Frédéric Malle

Hats off to Frédéric Malle creations which are olfactory equivalence of Michae Jackson's music in Bang & Olufsen headphones; for both of which I fall on my knee. The glorious Editions de Parfums masterpieces are benchmarks in their classes: simple luxury resulted by experience, loyalty to premium quality, and endeavors of bunch of legendary maestro perfumers whom Malle gathered to assemble a team like Brazil in FIFA 1994! This house is one of those I always look with eye of respect and awe. And so Carnal Flower! Well, what to say that is not said before! This perfume is emblem of niche perfumery; a seamless descriptive perfume that itself tells everything out.
This contradictory juxtaposition of high class warm sensual florals and fresh milky resort background which is resulted by 18 months of effort symbolizes the celebration of the 5th year of Editions de Parfums.
It is mentioned in several sources that Frédéric Malle's aunt; Candice Bergen; who acted in the movie Carnal Knowledge with Jack Nicholson in 1971, is the inspiring muse behind the creation of Carnal Flower.
Carnal Flower is known as the milestone of the polarizing flower on perfume world: tuberose; pearly, enticing, aphrodisiac and velvety opulence with freshness and milkiness together. Of course as long as three other flag holders; Tubéreuse Criminelle by Serge LutensFracas by Robert Piguet, and Tubéreuse by Caron; do not participate the challenge.

On my skin, Carnal Flower opens with heady and verdant cast of bergamot and melon identified and flowerized by fresh metallic cutesy orange blossoms and jasmine. This literally is an introduction to invite the indolic killer queen in. Tuberose appears gradually and sneakingly till it settles as the boss of the party. With half milky half fresh animalic green floral, it shines like a supernova. I have tried many feminine perfumes with tuberose at focal point yet non of them has represented this dangerous pleasure this way natural. Carnal Flower is a type of fragrance one has to struggle to match words to sensation. Very hard one to talk about but apparently very fluent and readable that makes it high class.
There is nothing to say about the perennial linear play of the fragrance. Carnal Flower has one of the strongest linear performances. However, the main theme appears about an hour from application when fresh mood of orange blossom and jasmine settles in warmer milky accords of tuberose which is fortified by coconut and musk to conclude in even more lasciviousness. This desire to sexuality and faunic eroticism is controlled down by camphorated eucalyptus that keeps the scaffolding in smoldering fresh fever. The result of such clash is a high-decibel soprano presentation of tuberose tamed by fresh melon and camphorous notes.
To me, unlike its insisting title, Carnal Flower is not a perfume which recalls sexy or narcotic feels and I actually love it the way it is. I would probably not like it if it would have exceeded forward in sexiness cause the level of flowery and freshness accords are in the utmost balance to emerge the purest class ever made.

Christian Dior Spring/Summer collection 2010
Upon the feedback I've received every time I wore seems that it is an outdoorsy fragrance, highly attractive, highly respected and safe although the performance is enormous and stagnantCarnal Flower is a gigantic and sublime floral perfume on realistic and sumptuous tuberose, a translucent modern sentimental versatile pure class with potent longevity and extreme sillage which I call corridor perfume cause such fragrances leave a long trail of smell behind and I only love it to be with masterly crafted perfumes. It exactly cocoons around you with about two or three sprays.

Carpe Odor!

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