Friday, May 15, 2015

Incense: new definitive smell of urbanism

03. Apr. 1968 by Rundhoz

The matter is how to look at short yet thorough portfolio of Rundholz; not perfume, fashion. I used to concern about vogue much before I get involved with perfumes and one of those ground breaking brands who seldom appeared but did it perfectly is always Rundholz. They are considered as post-industrial deconstruction fashion pioneers as Nico Uytterhaegen and Comme des Graçons with bright and optimistic point of view. In 2012 in extension to their style they announced their first perfume; a 50ml oriental floral.
03.Apr.1968 is delivered by Arturetto Landithe: the very shadowy portrait responsible for several creations for Diesel and Biehl Parfumkunstwerke who came to the more visible state with his new arrival artistic line; Art Landi Profumi. Just like its creator the perfume is a hidden and an undiscovered treasure.

03.Apr.1968 is a perfume named after birthday of the innovative German fashion designer; Lenka Rundholz03.Apr.1968  is an unique type of incense floral fragrance and I like to connect it to a thicker incense masterpiece: Norma Kamali Incense (sadly discontinued); in some bold aspects, however it's more wearable and versatile version of Kamali Incense.
03.Apr.1968 initiates with eastern sacramental rite vibe, that vibrant that I would suggest Comme des Garçons to take this perfume under their Series 3 line and named it after Lhasa, TibetThe raw and tainted saline resinous incense upon which 03.Apr.1968 starts out has bold gourmand floral facet signified by heliotrope. I'm not sure what is the incense and not sure if it's frankincense as some reviewers mentioned. It's kind of vinegar/terpenic incense akin to amber and tolu together. A fruity statement makes the very opening much confusing and paradoxical: one side is incense with yellowish Dadaism Art character impregnated by heliotrope, and the other side is bold litchi.

I'm not sure if I'm the only one this around who captures wine and amber pale hints in the dry down of this linear incense propaganda. This basic chore; whether it exists or not; brings type of soft spirit to the gourmand oriental incense that is now aged like cured meat and its warm manner now became fresher with dapper signs of Iso E Super in the horizon; in the most masterly dosage.
03.Apr.1968 is an assertive and expressive fragrance, very outgoing and extrovert, artistic and identical, very posh and fashionable for extraordinary styles. Seriously you make a clown of yourself if you wear it with shorts and polo shirts and Nike shoes! It's an uncommon fragrance devoted to upper class of fashion world that personifies the design manifesto of Rundholz.
On my skin it stay for considerable hours with two first hours of punchy perfect projection.

Carpe Odor!

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