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A curious case

A curious case

For years in perfume journey O'Driù fragrances were what I used to believe I will not find opportunity to try one, a feeling as strong as impossible meeting with Pablo Picasso face to face. Among many faces in perfume industry including those with fancy artistic mimics, those taking with weird unwearable perfumery ideas thinking pushing finger on right point of perfume history, those new comer but delivering ground breaking ideas and accomplishments, those with modest and unattractive appearance sending the message in every single unfiltered un-maquillaged portrait photo "actions speak louder than words", Angelo Orazio Pregoni was and still is the man I believe to be as artistic as to deserve be entitled Francisco Goya of perfume world that one could not find him in any event or meeting unless behind responsibility of his own heart works. I even used to be afraid to get involved with his dark and gothic world while I was dying by desire of discovery just as I still do with The Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab... however, once did contact him and he kindly gave me a nice opportunity to try a lot of them. Now It's two weeks I'm randomly and repeatedly trying them and have nothing to say but feeling weak to confront, sit on chair and stare at floor just like a broken aristocrat that still mopes how all this just happened to lose all the money all in a sudden. Worry to where to start? Which should I pick to go through? Peety maybe a nice to begin.


Peety is a radical surprise. It upsprings with a whale of rose and kind of strange citric paste mingled with upcoming moss. It's not citric as in citrus aromatic fragrances or any other form. It is literally a citrus add to the peculiar mossy green delicious opening, just as the smoky vibe that appears a bit later and it is not from incense or something. It's like the perfume is cured in a smoke cabin. The upper layer presents chiaroscuro-lighted sort of notes with ritual feel of dark monasteries but this religious building is recently use only for the filthiest sins! Why Peety evokes such feels is for the concept of it woven tightly within the context of smell physically. Peety is a 50ml bottle fragrance 49ml of which is full with perfume liquid and 1ml empty left for purchaser to add her/his pee in to make it entirely personal (who's gonna wear your pee as some friend do with your perfumes without permission!) and artistic. The title hints it out. This of course as expected, brought many complains about the health care and blah blah but I love the concept in fact so as the scent. What? People wear $5 perfumes without concerning about what crappy chemicals can be used in then pee is unhealthy!?

Now get back to the topic, I like to add my friend's commentary about Peety: it makes me horny! It indeed does the same to me! Kind of diabolic sense of rough intimation as he, my friend, continues: it is like anal sex! Ok It think that's clear now! But the fact is although some believe perfumes are not about sex, Peety is about sex and it does it the best just because of urine sense of smell it already has. I can't add any droplets of pee to my sample and I don't think Angelo has done it to me before he prepare samples! But the concoction prettily presents it not in skank and irritating but in sort of mossy semi classic animalic aromatic way just like some noble classics of few past decades used to do. The fragrance is now kind of leather rose, musky and ambry vibe and this amber includes high dose of coumarin and cinnamon to conclude in deep aromatic platform and make rose skank as urine which is quite fascinating at the result.

I can't say the core of the fragrance which is solid and firm is as interesting as the opening. Of course volatile molecules are fancier in smell, nevertheless, the core is an art article in olfactory. It's not irrational that Peety, back in 2013, was in top list of every professional perfume blogger. This is magic bottled in liquid form.
The more it settles the bolder indolic-urinal features become true yet strangely this fragrance exposes charming and attractive side just as strong as its skank air. It's like we're animals who lost our opposite-sex attraction smell and Peety donates that lost part of our wilderness back.
Peety opens a new and unrepeatable vista in perfumery (of course urine concept is not joking as long as health and skincare critics are there to alert you about your skin like it's judgement day happening by aliens much sooner than what mentioned in bible and other books). It is artistic, I admit it as an artist and architect but about the others meanwhile (ironically in my environment is full of a bunch of vise-versa feedback-givers when they thumb up it means the fragrance is crap and when they ugh means it's masterpiece!) they just repulsed a bit which gives me heartbeat  enough to not give the point to the concept of the perfume and break my nose and I lose my talents! Weird but wearable; and I assure you it's one of the most wearable creations of Mr. Pregoni. Kindly he and his team gave me the chance to have the discontinued past works samples which are way considerably unwearable for high percent of artists even!
Peety has almost more than 10 hours lasting powers and vast projection with about 6 feet radius. Peety is a special perfume not even for special people, it needs artistic melancholy and irresponsibility to what we call social order. It's a skin mate perfume not for cloths so let it grow supernaturally wet on your skin and see...

Carpe Odor!

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