Sunday, May 24, 2015

On the peak of amber

Ambre Loup by Rania J.

This review in my kiss on Rania Jouaneh's hand.
I love the title; Amber Wolf! I do love rebel and animalic amber fragrances. For the variety of amber accords there are too many amber-focal fragrances, among which one may successfully climb the summits of this category and Ambre Loup is a cynosure which has already set the flag. An infamous treasure usually found in high end markets as Jovoy Paris. Ambre Loup just like the rest of Rania Jouaneh's creations is based on natural oils and high level materials. This masterpiece is much than words and reviewer should strain to match words to sensationAmbre Loup is a fragrance that left me speechless every time I tried even after one year which I expected my nose became more expert and reject many fragrances browsing for more and more professional creations. But this fragrance is still on top of my amber classifications.
Ambre Loup manifests the fascinating and seducing attributions of nature. The notes participating in Ambre Loup are guaiac wood, cedar wood, labdanum absolute, agarwood, peru balsam, vanilla absolute, cloves, cacao, and spices.

I normally avoid direct indication of evocative picture to illustrate a perfume but I use it to indicate that although most of feedback I acquired on Ambre Loup marked it is very mesmerizing but not sexy, I feel it to be one of the fetishist perfumes I've ever known. Yes sexy and seductive. Though I join the others that Ambre Loup is introvert when it is named sexy.

In the first whiff of Ambre Loup when it blooms with type of quaint gourmand smoldering floral woodsy accord it signifies to how unique fragrance we are confronting. The honey colored fragrance opens with deliberate quasi-dark animalic nuances allied with balsamic fresh bonfire type of smell full of oxymora between sweet woody hot air and fresh spicy balsamic basement. This paradoxes are what make masterpieces and what make it versatile toward seasonal wear. For its peculiar and highly intriguing clove and probably cumin presenting in the very opening I see bold character familiarity to some of Serge Lutens' artworks; not in smell but in character of scent. Also it is for its spicy incense-like manner that the fragrance has the same state of familiarity to Andy Tauer's rightfully famous No02 l'Air du Désert Marocain.
After about half an hour when the gourmand side of guaiac and the bombastic opening settles and the fragrance calms the spine shivering smoldering fever, its woodsy air plus skank quasi animalic nuances smoothed by cacao absolute which delivers sexy and mouthwatering dimension, intensify. Labdanum evolves towards petroleum mood with amber plus medicinal duet of oud and balsamic notes form the core of the fragrance. In this level the fragrance becomes shallow yet more complex to decode. Cedar keeps the smoldering side up and honey-sweet vanilla plus mastercrafted animalic vibe, oh it has my all interest.

On my skin, Ambre Loup is an ancient formula maintained till today and presented by a passionate and loyal nose. It connects strong link between ancient world and modern life, nevertheless, it has not any possible relation to urban and social fragrances one wears to go to work. Ambre Loup is highly artistic creation which has my most admiration and it definitely sets place in my top ten amber fragrances. It performs mind-blowingly on me: vibrant, virile, and odd as I do love; With about 6 hours longevity and enormous sillage.
One hint I have to emphasize is no matter how fond of amber you are, Ambre Loup is a fragrance not to blind buy and you better test a sample before purchase cause it's not a type of random fragrance an amber fan wears easily. Too much artwork in a bottle! Yet, it's a mandatory for any who loves amber.

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