Monday, May 11, 2015

Oud Save Us!

Oud Save the King - Oud Save the Quaeen by Atkinons

It is so interesting that even the most rigid classic traditional English couture-mate perfume houses are now involved in renowned Middle Eastern oud market! This trade for sure has a big deal of money behind to make James Atkinsons' perfume-heritage beholders of 24 Old Bond street badly keen about it and draw them in. I don't start my review this way to give the preface of how bad the oud collection of house of Atkinsons is, I'm just seriously disheartened by all these uninnovative repetitive and routine approaches in oud trend. In 2013 the house of Atkinsons (which has my admiration for its traditional inclination in British style of perfumes and which I have never consider them "niche" or "luxury" but "original") after delivering several infamous yet marvelous eponymous fragrance has announced for launching their oud couples: Oud Save the King and Oud Save the Queen.

Oud Save the King

Oud Save the King initiates with instant fruity boozy sweet tender vibe installed on chemical oud and the oud is in the same vein of Nasomatto Pardon yet with bold differences in main themes. It's kind of light smoked and young wood oil. Some members on Fragrantica mention approximation to ScentStory 24 Gold with rendered sweet notes. Honestly, I don't remember the exact facets of 24 Gold but solely if I'm going to analyze Oud Save the King on itself, it is a sweet opener with suede and aromatic modern oriental pale oud/green core and  sandalwood base. Not so prominent nor unique type of smell or type of oud. But obviously unique type of bottle design! I badly fell in love with the bottle.
The whole favorable performance I get until the moments perfume fades and submerges upon my skin with slightest radiance is about three hours of moderate projection.

Oud Save the Queen

Personally I found Oud Save the Queen much wearable and much interesting than the ode to the king. This cologne is based on spicy warm and modern oriental vibes with detergent foamy type of sweetness. Some kind of soapy aroma of 90's shampoos collaborates the cloves and tea leaf. It's like fine first class hand made herbal flavored shaving soaps. This for sure comes from tea leaf, bergamot and cloves that altogether try to control the balance of agarwood, guaiac wood and tonka bean warm pattern. This oxymoron behavior is what keeps Oud Save the Queen a fine aromatic spicy floral feminine perfume that has roots in classic masculine cologne compositions. By other mean, seems Francis Delamont made an oud perfume without being so woody so it can be easily worn by women. Anyhow, if we call it oud!

Carpe Odor!

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