Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ottoman leather

Cuir Ottoman by Parfums d'Empire

Unavoidably, leather is the most dandy material of perfume realm. I love every kind of it; rough or soft, luxurious or rebel, weird or standard, creamy or powdery, etc. Cuir Ottoman beside some other more famous creations than this one, is in sort of those lovely powdery ones I have never find the opportunity to comfortably pick one cause simply this powdery leathers are not common and are not easy to blind buy, but they are flabbergasting.
Leather; just repeating the term in my mind in every language I know; thinking about what an interesting material. Comes from skin, turns to perfume and sits on skin again. Maybe that's the key of versatility. And Marc Antoine Corticchiato decorates his leather creation with a historical concept referring to Ottomans and Turkish leather which as indicated in the website was the most popular back in days till 19th century (although there are strong historical evidences approving that the center of leather in entire Middle East and eastern Byzantine empire was the city of Mecca which was the major producer of leather armor for Roman army but this is not necessarily in contrary to what the house cites; just an extra information!).

The first inhale of Cuir Ottoman is on soft floral leathery opulence. For the title I expected brutality and delicacy together but it takes on the second one only. Few minutes later, the entire composition turns into dry sturdy powdery notes with leather and tolu balsamic accord in the foot. The upcoming level is creamy and powdery with lazy aura based on shimmering light of something sweet and fruity like submerged smoke of hookah on fabric. This sumptuous minimal performance reminds me a bit of softer version of Christian Dior Cuir Cannage.

The actual core of the fragrance is on leather again, peppery, dark, smoldering slightly and powdered by iris. The iris accord is that overpowering that I can easily call Cuir Ottoman an iris oriented fragrance wit leather, musky notes, and balsamic notes.
Instead of the title and what I expected, Cuir Ottoman is a comfortable fragrance with creamy plasticy opening and powdery balmy leather heart fit to cold weather. Not so formal, not so official, but it goes pretty good with formal suits in special occasions. It lasts about hours and the projection is moderate as must be for leather creations.
I have a sample from three years ago when the changes had not been implemented in formulation and bottle design (the bottle in my illustration is the new variation). Apparently in some details these two samples are different. The prior version had creamy and a bit brutal bitter side for which it was notorious for old leather sofa smell and it really was like. This theme in the actual version is replaced with a bit sweet vibe that decreases brutality. Yet Cuir Ottoman is one of the finest softcore versatile leathers out in markets.

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