Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ambre Fétiche, what a name!

Ambre Fétiche by Annick Goutal

Ambre Fétiche, what a name! The title is descriptive about everything inside, you may think, but in a way it is one of those controversial titles that unfit expectations yet make a perfume easily a smash hit. Ambre Fétiche is such a perfume no matter yet how bad or good is the liquid itself.
It's typically a type of amber accord that makes me wish it was still winter; if and only if it would be presented in more favorable quality and strength! Ambre Fétiche is a versatile amber fragrance mainly usable in cold weather not only because it presents warm pattern like heavy velvet blanket, but also for such warmth it needs cold weather to emerge the rightest romantic feel.
The birth of the fragrance is simply marvelous with mushy and soft dirty animalic barky vibes mingled with sweet ambry accord, plasticy and somehow delicious. It's charming and intoxicating but I personally like the dry down when intrigant warm sensual frankincense appears in juxtaposition to vanillish amber and leather and provides omen immense woodsy air. This instant yet long lasting powerful dry down which I like to call core, is a matter of aesthetics in olfactory realm. This incense firework is not that unique to not be found anywhere else but it has bold character and also bold prestige and class; an olfactory equivalence of Fifty Shades of Grey.

The fragrance now settled in sort of spectacular beauty of wooden smoky mist like a carpentry studio full of interesting things made in leisure. Lush vanilla, styrax and labdanum form the identity of jewelry amber. The mesmerizing part of this play is incense married to ambry accord and iris powder vibe that together are the reality and the identity of Ambre Fétiche.
Ambre Fétiche has mellow longevity, doesn't project much and is fairly close to skin in it's short lifespanKind of warm fluffy wooden and gourmand vanilla in middle of fierce leather labdanum; all presented in whispering quality, yet entitled fancily and grouped under rather fancier series name (Les Orientaistes) to enchant you nevertheless, the reality is when you unpack your purchase in home and try to love it and omit uncertainties about the quality.
Safe amber, good fair warm welcoming smell but silly projection.

Carpe Odor!

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