Sunday, June 14, 2015

Brutal zestless incense

Interlude for men by Amouage

Amouage is Walt Disney of Arab perfumery world. Comparing to authentic Arabian perfume houses it made a portfolio with Arabian themes presented in a global benchmark and launched universally. By the other mean, it produces high level crowd pleasing perfumes that brought them the success of being the most famous sign of Arabian peninsula in entire perfume realm. Oman is a rich country in balsamic notes. Yearly, it produces many sort of incenses and balsamic notes not only for perfumery. There is not surprise when Amouage perfumes unlike many Arabian ones are based on spice and incense. Interlude is the summit point of the method. A chaotic dense multifaceted incense spicy woody fragrance with too much things to construct a tremendous fragrance (by the time of this last editing on my draft a friend has said that the new version is not that enormous). It is always considered a success point in Amouage standard portfolio. Interlude is delivered by Pierre Negrin in 2012 which is believed to be the same father of other Amouage perfumes since there's a common vein in all the creations.
Interlude is a hardcore incense fragrance with polygonal character. It initiates with charismatic vibe of severe masculinity based on immense gassy peppery vibe tamed by citric note. The notes in the opening are intense and carbonated that makes the opening way harsh yet promising of persuading incense heart. It's all supervised by resinous sweet myrrh which injects soft sweet balsamic smoky mist to the aggressive rioters of the intro.

Frankincense in this fragrance has overlooked rendition that unlike many of ambry or resinous fragrances does not illustrate that caramelized brown yummy color; it is dark and gray petroleum blue/green colored in my mind, a little gloomy shade on the bottle color.
The chest of the fragrance is not harsh like opening disorder. It is now monstrous dark indigo gray smoke composed upon balsamic notes swelled by leather accord; bitter and merciless; and accented with efficient agarwood and sandalwood. I listed too much notes and too much descriptions right? So Interlude is that confusing as the notes I wrote for!
Interlude is an active multifaceted solid incense icon programmed to satisfy every kind of incense fan in all. It presents many forms of incense in common plus leather and oud and savory crisp. What else an intense incense lover wants? But in spite of all its majestic attributions I found this dense and complicated woven structure a drawback of Interlude cause it takes away one thing that is so important for fragrance: character. Interlude is like someone who shouts with loud voice and all he says is nonsense. Too much incense, too much woodsy, too much leather and too much spice, so one term I can't use to describe Interlude is delicate. It's a mystic ritual zestless stony incense.

It stays more than expected on skin; about 16 hours on my skin with no serious lack or looseness in sillage which is so strong. However, its projection is another matter of worry for me cause for such vulgar incense I wish less projection power. It is more than filling a room in just few seconds and leaves a huge trilling trail behind. Yet it is an indiscernible fragrance for every incense fan.

Carpe Odor!

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