Monday, June 15, 2015

From India to Tehran

Royal Oud by Creed

“Wood, leather marble and gold,” elements of a royal Persian palace, inspired Olivier Creed, sixth-generation master perfumer for his Royal Oud creation. Rare, hypnotic, sumptuous oud, an ingredient coaxed from agarwood trees of India (and more costly per ounce than palladium) lends its power to this blend. Creed Royal Oud gives the contemporary American man and woman a touch of the splendor of palace life, Persian and Parisian.
This was the declaration of the house of Creed on Royal Oud. In 2011 the house has announced for their last creation by Oliver Creed the Sixth Generation. Type of vise-versa fragrance much distinct to what Creed is renown for. Oud? Creed? This was a part of responses of those disheartened by oud overload to the news while the other side who believed Creed approaches the oud trend successfully was celebrating it. I was in the second party believing a house with about 250 years of experience won't spoil himself just for being a part of new arrival oud market fever and I think I'm right.
It is said the inspiration source of Royal Oud is Sa'd Abad palace in Tehran (a complex of official and ceremonial palaces which were in use by the Iranian royal courts since Qajars epoch (1785-1924 AD) until the revolution and decay of Pahlavi kingdom in Iran in 1979). This complex is constructed in north part of Tehran on 300 hectares area including 18 palaces and about 185 hectares pure nature. My assumption on Oliver Creed's inspirational palace where he indicates to gold and marble is one of the Pahlavi palaces which is truly sumptuous.

This is not a picture of Sa'd Abad Palace. I couldn't find a decent picture in my archives so I picked this photo of Niavaran Palace (again in north part of Tehran) from a Flickr profile.

Personally I do love walking in north part of Tehran under vast cooling shades of enormous old sycamores rowed in front of wealthy mansions, hearing ravens croak and gentle sound of water coming from springs and rivers floating in lonely and tranquil narrow rural streets of this paradoxical nostalgic uptown. For these images beside some authentic identical places Tehran is a different city tattooed in my heart forever. And how gorgeously Mr. Creed illustrates the beaut and identity of the city and he delivered it using Indian oud wood. But the palace is not represented by a solid oud fragrance rather, I found Royal Oud even more elaborate and opulent to be a solid oud oriented.
The birth of the fragrance is on citrus infused and juiced pepper: a bit effervescent, a bit stinky and fresh crunchy. This peppery vibe is highly washed with ephemeral lemon as pure as the fruit itself, and freshened and soapy by bergamot. This is welcoming beginning of a fragrance that goes deep in a plush magnificent woodsy heart. The heart of the fragrance is still infatuated by pepper while the empire of cedar has just begun. Royal Oud although is not an oud dominant fragrance but for this high level woodsy oud based cedar oriented manner rises above what could be with solid oud.

Lush spicy cedar settles. Crisp like ocher yellow crumpled sycamore leaves under my feet. Dry like summer of Tehran. Spicy like croaks of ravens that echo in void between huge venerable sycamores and cypresses. And dramatic and nostalgically luxurious like all those polished marble walls and stairs of asleep palaces which it's been years since they reflected splendor of gold crown of a queen for the last time.
The floor of Royal Oud is even bitterer like the decline of a kingdom or death of hero of a play. Galbanum and oud draw the heavy velvet curtain and close the scene.
Royal Oud has persuading good longevity on my skin about 4 hours. with more that average projection that stays close nobly and gently. King size oud.

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