Friday, June 19, 2015

The power of wealth

Pétroleum by Histoires de Parfums

Symbolizing the essence of the earth with plants, animals and minerals, Gerald Ghislain, the innovative creator of the house of Histoires de Parfums has works out on his Éditions Rare with three rhapsodic creation named after minerals, animals and plants: Ambrarem, Pétroleum, and Rosam; respectively.
Pétroleum is a symbol of fossilized animals that turned into liquid black gold; the sign of wealth and power. Beside the other two which are floral (vegetal) and ambry (mineral), Pétroleum is faunal of the trio (some reviewers believe Ambrarem is animalic and Pétroleum is mineral).
The notes are: oud, bergamot, aldehyde, rose, amber accords, civet accord, leather, patchouli, white musk.
The opening of Pétroleum is on an eerie gourmand vibe that springs out with sweetened labdanum and powdery naphthalene feel in the depth that slides to feminine world. The animalic nuances of the perfume appear. It's like olfactory tracks of an animalic sex party occurred in an exotic candy shop several hours ago! The very opening punches you in face: Pétroleum is not a random niche perfume, it's a special perfume for special people and special occasions. Before this quaint and mesmerizing opening shift and swerve to masculinity, a journey of rosy stream passes through the entire perfume.

The base is much safer yet the quirky oud and translucent aldehyde accords highly impose the leather and ambry notes of the basement; oh did I forget to introduce civet buddy? Yes, the skeleton of Pétroleum is on animalic powdery feelings highly imparted by oud and aldehyde. One thing before I forget, I read here and there among blogs and forums that oud is known the focal element of the fragrance. Honestly, I don't see it to be that big to overwhelm leather, civet, or amber accords. I don’t say there's no oud or it's that pale that can be considered zero, it is there and it is performing throughout the entire duration but it and its medicinal presence are so moderated. Therefore, I do not call Pétroleum an oud fragrance. It is apparently animalic. Another thing I found not really fitting about this venomous perfume is defining Pétroluem with the smell of gasoline. Well we all know the sharp tinnery candy-like smell of gasolines, with lead, without lead, high octane, super fuel etc. But does any of them smell like animalic nuances of a perfume? In fact none of the gasoline types nor gas oil nor even petroleum itself, raw and impure, smell any similar coherence. The success key Mr. Ghislain reached is to imitate the highest illusion of petroleum smell without any factual resemblance.
To me, more than to be sexy Pétroleum is a charming and attractive fragrance made for special times. Not so public, not so friendly, it smells like someone having his (I still do believe it's much masculine) own overpowering business so he wear whatever he wishes. Very rich, very identical and very vibrant with over twelve hours longevity before it dries to a close-to-skin level, and considerable vast sillage.
This perfume is presented in 60ml eau de parfum, 125€ just like the other two siblings (Éditions Rare has actually two series; the other series include gold bottles of Veni and Vici and Vidi).

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