Sunday, June 28, 2015

Let's have a walk on beach!

Sogno Reale by Mendittorosa

Have you ever heard about warm marine fragrance? Neither me, but there's no limit for dreams and imagination right? This is the main rule to make dreams real!
Few months ago during days of Esxence 2015 in Milan the house of Mendittorosa has announced and exposed their last launch Sogno Reale; again by Amelie Bourgeois (the same nose responsible for the scents of Mendittorosa). It attended in a pretty fancy outfit. The bottle is the same to default of the house: square based and round edges. But the cap is not the same to the stony ones in prior creations. It is presented under two different sea urchin caps; one Byzantium violet and one caramel creamy*. Pretty weird alien-looking and quite fancy and cute. Also the bottle is belted by hide cord that at one side carries a circular bronze mandala. The package is like all of the rest of Mendittorosa: wooden, like Japanese packages (thick corners and very minimal). For its cargo-box appearance it emphasizes "handle with care" feel! Anyway these are info usually mentioned at the end of a review!

Hot summer day, broad flat horizon of sandy seashore, small continuous waves are rows of white teeth of sea. Extreme sunlight at the beach makes everything looking like an oasis or like déjà vu: white and lunatic. I feel lazy and sleepy, smell of warm waxy sunoil on my skin and drops of sweat that slip down. There's a desire to dive into the water and get rid of it, there's a desire to walk alongside the beach looking down for particles the sea spitted out. Pieces of bottle glass with round sandblasted edges, abandoned sea shells, drift woods, rusty metal things, random round beautiful stones, pieces of bricks rubbed like an orange-colored sponge, and so many neglected things! Neglected, without being considered that all of those trashes have the spirit of the water. Sand, things hung from ceiling or placed in shelves in my room, rare exotic woods gifted by the ocean, and all those memories captured in a room. I'm not imitating an image of all these, I'm describing my own room in my family mansion by Caspian Sea! Sogno Reale has all this joyful moment within, that conveys me to my hometown; miles away now. This perfume is one of a kind.

Fairfield Porter, Waves

It is all about dreams as Stefania Squeglia talks about the concept influencing the perfume that she dreamed about sea and when she woke up she decided to materialize this dream. Dream is a powerful source of art, strong part of imagination, and is filled with desire.
The fragrance opens with very unusual milky theme; thick, warm and sweet; with too much lemon to juice it. It's suspended between cold weather and warm weather. One fact is for its warmth and sweetness, it perfectly fits winter. On the other side, it directly resembles summer heat and tends to warmth. Very dangling situation and there's a strong desire to dive in it. The milky accord comes from sandalwood and I can't really deny the impact of styrax and animalic ambry mood on it. The beginning of Sogno Reale is so skin-mate, so dense and so creamy, almost punchy and rounded. But the rest when the fragrance settles in heart and matures, is just astonishing dreamy. It's soothing yet active, overpowering yet friendly and memorable. The heart of Sogno Reale, although is not as strange as the opening, is very amusing and sensual. It's on amber with leathery smooth animalic and resinous aura. The success point of the fragrance is keeping marine vibes in the background, not hiding it under tons of olibanum and animalic accords, not bringing it upward to make the perfume cloying like many aquatic fragrances presented by mass-pleasing designers.

It approves the noses' ability to manoeuvre with aquatic accords and keep it floating between warmth surface and hidden ocean depth! The dry down is splendid! I love this fluffy different type of amber leather in the base. It's sensual. I have not idea why it reminds me Marooned by Pink Floyd.
Sogno Reale; this title has two different impressions: "Royal Dream" or "Real Dream"; it's up to you! A sensual citrus boozy opener, marine woody milky themed, amber animalic based and leathery fragrance. Maybe not a good idea for summer heat but a good idea to wear in summer night or last September evenings! It's type of smell that experimentally may irritate in dry weather (it's because of sandalwood) and make wonder in humid air of seaside.
It's longevity is as strong as memories from summertime happiness. I'm so infatuated with this gem. Strong scent on skin, however, sillage factor may not meet the satisfactory level of one who plays electric guitar of Marooned! Not weak but not extreme.

Ps: The fragrance is presented in two caps. One violet and one caramel, as I mentioned in intro. The concept may leave you speechless! It's like finding a very special thing half buried by sands of beach. If a lucky buyer receive a bottle with violet urchin cap which happens randomly, s/he has a chance to pick another creation of Mendittorosa by her or his choose; instead of Le Mat and another Sogno Reale. And the amount of violet caps are not that low as the house announced. So let's have a walk on beach!

Carpe Odor!

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