Monday, June 1, 2015

My kaleidoscopic blue dream

Indigo by Baruti

What I love about Dr. Drosopoulos' works is his take on highly fashionable olfactory styles set in personal composition, both materially and spiritually. I'm not sure if he overlaps his career in psychology with his passion in perfumery in a conceptual way or whether if his olfactory efforts has a root in theories of his research field but I personally love his efforts specially those for Baruti house rather than his prior now totally discontinued Magnetic Scent. Furthermore, as an architect and artist I care a lot about the appearance of fragrance. What is elaborately worked on in Baruti perfumes just as Magnetic Scnet was flawless in graphic designs. Baruti housed in Amsterdam in 2015. All six extrait de parfum fragrances are displayed in 30ml cubic bottles, simple in shape thorough in smell.
Indigo is the one I went through first upon my curiosity about what is new in Indigo considering the new version to prior incarnation of Magnetic Scent. It's one of the most joyful floral balmy unisex fragrances I've ever seen to be highly harmonized to fashion world. Kind of outdoorsy fresh burning acrid elemi and ambry accord imparted inside every molecule of hyacinth. What Indigo paint-washes in my mind is not only a shade of blue, is a cheerful cobalt yellowy drop of gauche on tranquil royal blue paper vivid like colors on Mondrian's canvases. 

Notes used in the fragrance are: amber, Atlas cedar, Greek mastic, Greek rose, hyacinth, Oman frankincense, sandalwood
The opening of Indigo is effervescent resinous floral and modern with considerable capability toward any urban style; yellowish, comfortable and vivid. Then it evaporates resinous play and lands on denser yet fluffy playground prepared with savory ambry notes, pale rose and nooud. Nooud is an ingredient on focal point of Dr. Drosopoulos's creations; in my explanation it's used as Iso E Super in Baruti perfumes. Instead of using pure oud oil; which many brands avoid to use but they hide the facts that they use synthetic accords; he employs a multitude man-made accord that apparently smells agarwood + guaiac wood and he gives it a persona calling it Nooud which is also the name of one of Baruti perfumes. This fluffy fresh oud note gives semi musky woodsy dimension to depth of perfume just as Iso E Super gives its musky fresh powdery vibe. Dreamy and sensual, Indigo gives me a loose and lazy pleasureful feel that there is nothing in the world to worry but beauty! It is almost fresh aromatic floral, woodsy and resinous, stingy and delightful, soothing, very versatile, personal and identical and so dandy!
Indigo has enormous sillage within first three hours of performance then it sits close to skin with fluffy base of nooud. This may takes several hours. This perfume is released in extrait de parfum density with $110 for 30ml.

Carpe Odor!

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