Tuesday, June 9, 2015

This thorn in my side is from the tree I've planted

Army of Lovers by LM Parfums

Ok, where to start to not been needled by the thorns of wild roses. I usually approach rose oriented fragrance with caution since this ingredient can easily give me headache. Just like you I am also bored to say this every time a rose comes to topic and what can I do. This vibrant ingredient is the most respected element which immediately reminds fragrance and I have to confront the queen of the perfumery! Roses have solid characters and they occupy entire compositions. This is favorable moral and physical aspect for a favorable ingredient. So I'm addressing my excuse and apologize for my personal judgement in this intro if I take it way personal; yet Army of Lovers is happily not that sort of rose I fear from, however, he title of fragrance is almost frightening for me (I think every single rose-phobic has the same sense of avoidance) but honestly there was no need to start my review that way cause Army of Lovers is a pleasant kind of rose fragrance which although will not take place in my want list cause I never fell need for roses, doesn't winded me down and it has already my admiration for its composition.
Army of Lovers, a soft dark goth art romance, is oriental dark spiced patchouli-faceted rose based perfume. From the opening it presents a hypnotic vista of rose charged with patchouli and violet that delivers it sad cigarette smell which illustrates grotesque of betrayed loves of a 19th century concubines abandoned in a saloon with promise of return from west after digging gold. It is derringer pistols and roses. That sense of nostalgia and dramatic purple nighty feel reminds me directly to Guns n' Roses November Rain, however, this eponymous olfactory conquest is what Laurent Mazzone tributes to the Swedish band to whom he adored.

One may say chyprés are the most powerful to touch heart and I definitely shake hand with. This thrilling glamorous romance perfume is composed on a modern; by all mean modern; chypré scaffolding. The opening is highly infused by spice air specially coriander. The juxtaposition of rose beside opulent patchouli, modest violet and intrigant spice concludes to mesmerizing opening with kind of filthy and soft animalic vibe coming up subsequently, yet what comes next is astonishingly beautiful.
The evanescent drama of the opening lasts not so long to be the identical smell of Army of Lovers, yet it leaves tracks of spicy rose to the core of the fragrance that moves me! The core of the fragrance reveals after about an hour of presentation of honey and rose and musk like purgatory after the opening. It is exact olfactory equivalence of velvet in smell realm. Soothing musky cashmere wood accord appear like fine ambergris, smooth and divine like Tiepolo's paintings. Honey and musk are the real character of Army of Lovers, however no one denies rose's noble performance in the opening.

Army of Lovers is an modern chypré woody warm fragrance but not that warm to not be worn in spring rainy weather. It stays for more than 8 hours on my skin and the sillage in both opening and dry down is considerably strong. Specially for dry down it is very great. €295 is the price for 100ml of this high grade ingredients fragrance.

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