Friday, July 24, 2015

Haute couture

Le Parfum Couture by M. Micallef

A fancy cube bottle covered by smooth cocoon of black Chantilly lace filled with Jean-Claude Astier's gold honey colored juice inside is the result of collaboration of the perfume house of Micallef and haute couture fashion house of Denis Durand unveiled in March 2013 in Cannes and released limitedly. An oriental floral fragrance based on rose and necessary note of orient; patchouli. It is in my opinion, the best I tried from the house of M.Micallef.
The fragrance springs out with vibrant juicy citrus infused cinnamon and honey. The two notes apparently shine like sun over ocean and it is tangerine note that luxuriates and gives it a delightful loose. Since the application the muse of the playground; Bulgarian rose; sings out deliberately. Tangerine submerges and Ceylon cinnamon and honey's warmth swirl into orange blossom that balances both the fever of spicy side and watery juicy rose side. I'm infatuated by the rose vibe of the fragrance and how they tamed watery metallic side of rose which is my phobia! Specially Turk and Bulgarian roses.
Beside to Tauer PHI which I called "a rose perfume not for rose lovers but for rose phoblics", Le Parfume Couture tells the same story and in fact they are sisters, however, PHI is mush dustier, denser, wilder, and the its rose is authentic and unique. Le Parfume Couture, on the other hand, is soft soothing with random type of rose ornamented to the utmost level to become a jewel. And what a gem!
The fragrance gradually and softly goes into the core when the patchouli delivers oriental and twisted apricot-like gourmand dimension. The rose ages down, dusty and powdery, and the elements of the opening charge the spicy sweet throne for the rose queen.
Le Parfum Couture is a jewel perfume. Personally although I don't buy it cause it sits prettily on feminine side but every time I see it in a market I try the cap several times! Boy there is no nicer click sound; not even in Zippo lighters! The metal cap ticks on the thick high quality bottle and that sound is beginning of a luxurious olfactory journey. It's a 50ml eau de parfum for $150 presented in big cube package.

Carpe Odor!

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