Monday, July 6, 2015


Meerschaum by Soivohle

By kindness of a friend from Paris I finally found opportunity to try some scents of Soivohle which literally reopened a new door to higher class natural dark world; a door which had been opened once by Slumberhouse and Olympic Orchids and closed while striving and amusing by luxury markets.
What I love about indies and single-parented naturals is that you can look at them in a dynamic point of view without concerns of a luxury brand and all they provide is complex simplicity in quite modest package.

To talk about Meerschaum let me first talk about the stone. The meerschaum stone is magnesium silicate mineral chiefly used in jewelry and tobacco pipe and its biggest mines are in Turkey. The meerschaum stone is so soft and can be carved easily by a piece of metal or carving tools. It is believed that the material acts like filter for tobacco potentially and by passing time it shifts color and caramelizes into opaque muddy amber color, the more it absorbs nicotine. It is fragile and crunchy.
But what Meerscahum as perfume signifies is tobacco color and not white color. It is a dense dark aromatic type of 18th century herbaceous grotesque. The initiation of Meerschaum is light with almost yummy spicy unfiltered flavored tobacco. For the beginning this is much greater than a tobacco perfume needs to be. It's is full of Gothic nuances and certainly the tobacco and pipe reminds one thing to mind: 221b Baker Street.

This direct opening emphasizes the effect of tobacco and image of mystery, however, more than to be a tobacco perfume, Meerschaum is a classic English type of lavender-like oakmoss with its purest creamy green shape, masterly layered with chamomile.
This is the ultimate face of the perfume and its core. Dark, green and witchy omen. Tim Burton type of smell that I have known before by the dry down of Slumberhouse Norne. Now to give the rightest clues (cause I believe picking from such perfumes is so difficult) if you looking for a classic, un-animalic, all-green, creamy, mysteriously and amusingly dark with 19th century's vibe, then Meerschaum is an answer. And indeed it's a good answer.
This perfume has strong longevity over 8 hours and vast projection, and it is not disturbing nor weird at all. Kind of forgotten standard classic manly cologne, reidentified in unisex manner.

Carpe Odor!

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