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Profumi del Forte - Feminines

Profumi del Forte
Four feminines

Casually and negligently I used to skip over Italians. I don't know why. Maybe French were more attractive; however British ones didn't attract me for long at all. Maybe cause there were no chance to try easily most of Italian niches as they usually run in Europe and not everywhere. Maybe the names are hard to pronounce; silly excuse! Anyhow, doesn't matter, I'm involved now and among those infamous but always considered artistic, Profumi del Forte glimmers like a less studied star in a galaxy of giants. Some of their perfumes are good objects to write about. I picked only four feminine of the brand and gonna write summarized on each.

Vittoria Apuana

This is one of a kind type of... I don't know shall I call it gourmand? It's fruity from top to toe, fruity and tropical. Vittoria Apuana is not like a perfume but it is so fun.
Combined of banana and coconut, this imitates spirit of very damp breezy hot sands of beach of Caribbean in the opening, specially for citric delightful play. But it's devoted to memories from past days of Vittoria Apuana beach resort so yes, that green dill-like smell in the middle of play is the answer to draw in miles back to Mediterranean waters of west Italia. I checked the notes, vanilla is damn hot here, so as coconut and banana and amber. Citruses cannot be that vegetable greenish. But what the hell is tiare flower?! I though it's jasmine. I search some local flowershops. Poor guys haven't even heard or seen a flower like this. A friend of mine finally hinted out and so the green floral vibe is for the flower.
Vittoria Apuana is a simple; very very simple; fun and peaceful fragrance. Feminine, cute, modest and easy going with strong longevity and moderate sillage.


The smell of citruses and a bouquet of freshly cropped flowers from garden, in a comfortably mild cold air of early summer morning, on a marble table in entrance with large open doors to garden next to the main hall, starts a sizzling romance.
Fiorisia is powdery, soapy and rosy iris, charged with bergamot (Italians' tradition accented by French affairs) what a fantasy! Teo Cabanel has some similar items but Fiorisia is way authentic and vernacular to local Italian identities.
The perfume starts with cute fresh chilly floral vibe baptized by citruses. It's very romantic and peace loving. Very bright and sheer, yummy sour and floral, simple, suitable for everyday wear, casual.
Enveloping projection, not so vast but good. Normal longevity a floral fresh scent has; about hours.

Vaiania Dea

Gastronomical tuberose; if it does help to give the idea. Tuberose is so delicate. You either have to spend a lifetime effort to extract pure essence to deliver the quality like Carnal Flower or castrate it like many random feminine perfumes that smell tuberose but do nothing at all. Perhaps making yummy vibe out of tuberose is the best approach to not spend life and money nor spoil everything.
Vaiania Dea is fresh and sweet tuberose opener; tuberose affected by aldehyde's sour freshness. The opening is a bit baffling but quickly it settles. Vaiania Dea demonstrates an easy to wear modern floral pattern with nostalgia of past. The core of fragrance is more rounded, yet fresh and euphoric by fruity note; peach. It is not mentioned who's responsible for the combination but peach and its blissful theme, bold contrast between warmth and freshness, and bravely use of too many notes in a modern fragrance is giving me a clue that immediately recalls Bertrand Duchaufour for this fragrance. It carries his signature.
Strong longevity, more than 6 hours and the dry down is out of this world. Average projection. The scent itself is so bright and well made.
A daily casual tuberose, rustling sound of Italian romantic records on gramophone, hats and high heels, diaries notebook.


This is so-so. Not strong, not at least on my skin. Frescomaro is a fresh fruity salad type of floral scent with bold osmanthus and boozy rose. The introduction of the fragrance is played by citrus: creamy grapefruit and juniper. It is slightly effervescent and not really perfume like. Just a scent.
Then elements of heart; flowers; appear and identify it. Cucumber and melon in slight portion, violet leaf, soft petroleum-like smell, and kind of cherry jam smell (which is not tobacco) shine palely in back.
Very mediocre longevity and rather poor sillage. Unnecessary fruity green release.

Carpe Odor!
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